Get Your Home Ready to Sell with These Easy Updates

Get Your Home Ready to Sell with These Easy Updates

When you are trying to get your house ready for sale, it makes sense to make minor adjustments and renovations. Normally, making these updates is more of a business decision and is worth the effort. These home improvement projects will ensure that your home is well-presented when buyers come to view. While you may not want to take on major projects, if the exterior of the house looks worn out and old, you may want to consider a bigger project to get your home ultimately ready to sell. 

As far as easy updates go, these 7 easy fixes will help you get your house ready for sale.

1. Update your foyer

Creating a good first impression is key to selling a home. To keep buyers interested in your home, you need to captivate them with a beautiful foyer. There are few updates that you can do to your entryway to make it look warm and appealing. Among them are:

  • Getting a new rug 
  • Adding mirrors to modernize the hallway
  • Replacing the dated lighting fixture
  • Hanging some colorful artwork
  • Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint

These activities do not cost much and they give your entryway a beautiful appeal.

2. Make minor changes to your kitchen

A beautiful kitchen sells a home. You do not need to initiate a big project to improve your kitchen’s appeal. There are easy updates that you can do for very little. For quick updates, you will need to choose one thing and make it stand out. For instance, you could paint your kitchen island so that it becomes the center of attraction. You can also add a simple accessory like a vase to draw people towards it. If your island is in great shape, you replace those dated bar stools with affordable stylish ones to give your kitchen that modern feel. Moreover, you could also replace your cupboard doors with new ones or paint them so that they look new. When it comes to giving your kitchen a new look, these easy tips will help you achieve that.

3. Update your bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is the other room in the house that should impress buyers. Bathroom updates could include replacing an old shower curtain with one that has vibrant colors. While replacing this curtain, you should also change the window curtain so that they match. Well, a new mirror will also do the trick. In case your mirror looks old, you could get another one and have it installed. Additionally, you can change your bathroom linens. It is advisable that you only use the new linens for a house showing. However, if your bathroom is really old, you may want to consider a bathroom remodeling that will impress interested buyers, and serve as a deciding factor to buy your updated home.

4. Tidy up your closets

Often, people want to buy a house with the notion that there is enough space. You can empty at least half your closet so that it looks big. During this process, you can take out the things that you no longer use and donate them. Having a less congested closet gives the illusion that there is more space.

You can also do the same with your pantry. While your pantry may look full, often it is because most of the items there are expired. You should get rid of the expired and leave the essential items only.

5. Get rid of your personal effects

When buyers come for house viewing, they want to imagine themselves living in your home. Therefore, you need to depersonalize it by getting rid of personal effects such as your family photos, children’s artwork, toiletries, as well as trophies. While taking these items out, ensure that you do not damage the walls.

6. Paint your home

Painting has a way of making an old home look vibrant. While selecting the colors, you may want to choose neutral colors now that numerous people will come to see your house. Having a neutral color will attract a wide pool of buyers. 

7. Clean the floors

One of the things that would put off buyers is a stained carpet or wood floors. Cleaning the floors especially in the common rooms such as the living room, dining area, and family room is one of the most inexpensive updates that you could do.


Making cosmetic adjustments to your home will make it stand out in the competitive real estate market. While many things could decrease the value of your property, you would not want buyers offering a low price because of minor improvement projects that you could fix.


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