Get It Sold – What Are the Best Things to Update When Selling a House?

Get It Sold - What Are the Best Things to Update When Selling a House?

In 2019, over 5 million houses were sold in the United States.

This year, are you thinking about putting your house on the market? If so, your mind is probably racing with a long list of small and huge projects you’re considering undergoing before listing your house.

What are the best things to update when selling a house? Let’s take a look.

Repaint the Exterior or Just Touch Up the Paint Job

The outside of your house is going to be the first thing a prospective buyer sees. If it’s time for a new paint job, you might reconsider repainting the whole house so it looks fresh.

If you’re on a budget or your house is mostly in good shape, though, you could just touch up your exterior paint. This is a great way of updating your house for the sale without breaking the bank.

Any chips or flaking should be touched up, or you could pressure wash the outside of your house. Another idea is only painting the trim and the front door.

Finish Your Basement

When you finish your basement, you essentially make your house much larger than it was. By adding more heated square-footage, you’re making your house much more attractive to buyers.

While finishing a basement isn’t the cheapest update you can make, it can add as much as $40,000 or $50,000 to your home’s asking price.

Replace Old Windows With Energy-Efficient Windows

Old, drafty windows are going to be a noticeable downside to anyone looking to buy your home.

Energy-efficient windows are considered one of the most appealing features to home buyers. Here’s a handy guide full of window replacement tips.

Repaint the Walls in a Neutral Color

If you are wondering what to update in your home, but don’t want to invest too much in it, consider repainting your interior walls in a neutral color.

Neutral wall colors are great because it makes it easy for buyers to imagine their own belongings in the house. It gives them a fresh, unobtrusive palette to envision their future life in the space.

Replace the Roof

This isn’t a small job, but if you’ve got an old roof, you might consider replacing it.

Newer roofs are an incredibly attractive feature to home buyers. If a buyer is faced with two identical houses but one has a 15-year-old roof and the other is brand new, they’ll go with the latter every time.

What Are the Best Things to Update When Selling a House?

If you’re selling your house, there’s likely a lot going on in your life. Moving out, moving to a new place, and getting all your affairs in order is stressful and time-consuming.

Following some of these tips for updating your house for the sale could be worthwhile, though. It’s important for the buyer to get the best first impression possible, and the return on investment could be well worth the time and expense.

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