Fluid and Organic Limited Edition Quark Cork Coffee Table Series

Fluid and Organic Limited Edition Quark Cork Coffee Table Series

Unique, exclusive and completely striking. Consisting of organic and fluid forms, the Quark series of low tables by Babled Design Studio in Portugal is an exploration of materials and production techniques that give rise to unique monolithic tables. The use of raw materials such as cork breaks away from the traditional Italian approach to craft and design. The precision of digital tools gives the tables an original organic shape, resulting in design functionality with a sculptural identity.

Produced at SOFALCA in Abrantes (Portugal), Quark Cork is made of completely natural cork, without the use of any additives. The Cork Oak tree is predominant in the western part of the Mediterranean region, where the Atlanticโ€™s influence is felt. In Portugal, the concentration of the species takes place from the centre to the south of the country, with particular presence beyond the Tagus River.

Carefully selected cork granules are sealed inside metal molds and pressured with steam to create cork blocks. The steam makes the granules expand like popcorn, and they release natural tree resin that glues them together. It is a truly renewable and ecological product with no waste, 95% self-sufficient energy-wise, using the bark that is set aside along the production. Thanks to this process, fresh cork blocks have a particular smoked smell, which gives an additional sensorial aspect to the material.

  • Name: Quark Cork
  • Brand: Babled Design Studio
  • Product: Coffee Tables
  • Designer: Emmanuel Babled
  • Country: Portugal
  • Photography: Marco Sweering, Simon Bertheux


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