The Floating Seahorse – Luxury Home Concept Takes Life Underwater in Dubai

The Floating Seahorse - Luxury Home Concept Takes Life Underwater in Dubai

What would make for an amazing theatrical James Bond retreat on the big screen can soon also become your reality off the coast of Dubai. Real estate agency Kleindienst Group will be constructing a series of lavish floating villas, nicknamed The Floating Seahorse, as depicted in a collection of rendered luxury home concept images below.

Only 42 floating units will be made available, featuring three levels, including an underwater master bedroom and bathroom. The Floating Seahorse also comes with a fully fitted kitchen and glass-bottomed jacuzzi on its sun deck. This is pinnacle luxury living at its apex on the sea.

The Floating Seahorse is “essentially a boat, not a villa,” but it won’t move, according to Kleindienst. Each unit will be uniquely fabricated using high quality marine approved materials and technology – matching the construction grade of a boat with architectural home design.

Even more incredible is that an artificial coral reef will be created beneath the floating luxury retreats, according to Kleindienst CEO Josef Kleindienst, who said “it will be a protected area in which (actual endangered) seahorses can safely live and breed.”

Prices have yet to be released, but it’s a sure bet that these exclusive floating retreats will offer a lucrative return on investment as holiday rentals in a region like Dubai, where 5-star hotel resorts are the norm.