Faux Wood Or Wooden Blinds – Time To Dress Up Your Windows

Faux Wood Or Wooden Blinds - Time To Dress Up Your Windows

Faux wood and wood blinds match distinct styles and décor with stains in color choices that are anything beyond ordinary, ranging from white shades and ivory to conventional natural wood stains and modern grey, yellow, and plum in popular rustic and distressed options. Faux wood and wood blinds have peculiarities and functions and look very well in several rooms. Faux wood versus wood always seems to be the hot debate in modern times regarding makeovers and home styling. So every homeowner needs to look at each of these blinds, and how they can decide which one will be the best option for their homes. 

Everything you need to know about the faux wood blind

Faux wood blind is simply an imitation of the wood blind; thus, it is a contemporary version and an improvisation of traditional wooden blinds. Hence, the term faux means artificial or imitation. Faux wood blinds look similar to wood blinds. However, there are areas of difference. Fox blinds and wood planes are constructed flat, but faux wood blinds may have a wood coat blanketed with a high-grade polymer from PVC. These materials are durable and will not crack, warp or fade, which makes them a decent choice for bathrooms and kitchens. High-traffic regions, which get enough water, and whether variants can rely upon faux wood blinds because these are durable and available in various color variations.

If you live in extremely humid conditions, you may rely upon faux wood blinds because these are easy to install and easier to maintain. You don’t have to think about damage because these will be durable and sturdy. Some faux wood blinds may be heavier and may create a massive stack above the window that decreases some light when you raise it. However, you can customize these as per your requirement.

Evaluating wood blinds

As the name suggests, wood blinds come from wood that has an outstanding appeal that provides a warm, natural, and organic feel. Most individuals go for hardwood blinds to gain sophistication and high-grade quality. Wooden blinds look like hand-rubbed furniture pieces that have definite fine lines and beautiful textures. Most wooden blinds of Arizona Window Shutters of San Tan Valley, AZ, come from hardwood that uses sustainable forestry methods needed to make them into the best-looking blinds for your home or office. 

The overall feel and versatility of wooden blinds cannot be replicated or created. The scales require care and love, and avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning. Hence, you can go for professional cleaning services because they use the best chemicals in the correct amount.

These days’ hardboard lines are gaining in popularity because of their beautiful texture and durability. Wood blinds provide appropriate insulation since the robust wooden construction offers superior privacy and shields away sunlight. Real wood blind is lightweight, durable, and available in distinct size options. It is a fundamental factor that you must consider when covering windows and large areas with wooden blinds. You may also convey the same to the professionals if you need stained wood.

When choosing blinds, you must keep your budget and room decor. In the debate of who wins the blind race, concluding is not easy. To simplify the procedure, you may take the help of professionals who know the ins and outs of options and then provide you with the best alternative according to your requirement.


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