Elevating Luxury Standards with Pet Friendly Amenities at 555Ten New York

Elevating Luxury Standards with Pet Friendly Amenities at 555Ten New York

Being a parent can be a hard road for anyone, but when your kid is furry, non-self-reliant, and occasionally sniffs your neighbor, finding the right living arrangements can be a particularly tricky business. For pet parents, finding the perfect place for the whole family can be a challenge, but those who live at 555Ten will find no trouble making themselves and their four-legged friends right at home.

One of the biggest difficulties of city life for pet owners is the lack of green space afforded to them. For most New Yorkers, the closest plant life is the tiny patch of grass surrounding the trees on the sidewalk, and most homes with convenient park access are scooped up before they even hit the market. However, for 555Ten residents, the building’s location lends itself perfectly to pet ownership. Just a minute away is Hudson River Park, which extends for miles along Manhattan’s west side, offering an ideal spot to get fit with Fido. While most city parks offer a meager patch of grass where dogs can play off-leash, Hudson River Park boasts a whopping four dog park where your pet can play with their pals and expend some energy. For joggers, the park is the perfect spot for a run; with breezes coming off the Hudson, it’s always cooler than the parks in the city’s center, and this somewhat hidden gem never draws the intense crowds that descend on Central or Riverside Parks.

The fun for your pet doesn’t stop back at home, either. Throw Me a Bone has created a pet paradise, offering in-building care for your precious pup, allowing him or her to make friends and learn new skills from Throw Me a Bone’s hands-on-staff. On those days when the weather just isn’t in your favor, you can rest assured that your doggo is still getting plenty of exercise, thanks to 555Ten’s covered outdoor dog park, where your pooch can run to their heart’s content. Pet owners with a cat at home won’t be disappointed, either; each home at 555Ten has oversized windows offering city views — and plenty of birds — sure to delight your feline friends.

Your pet is your family, so it’s important that they feel just as at home as you do. Luckily, 555Ten’s pet-friendly location and amenities will make every member of the family feel welcome.


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