Driving on Quality: Importance of Proper Asphalt Paving

Driving on Quality: Importance of Proper Asphalt Paving

Does your driveway or parking lot need a makeover? Asphalt paving should be among your go-to solutions, as it creates a visually appealing and reliable surface. And the good news? You don’t need to spend millions on your asphalt paving project. It’s ideal for properties of all sizes and many other places, including highways, walkaways, and sports complexes with basketball courts.

Unlike other paving alternatives, proper asphalt pavement installation is speedy, and there are plenty of customization options you can explore. What’s more, it presents a ton of benefits, including the following:

1. Enhanced Safety

If you’re looking for safer traveling experiences, you can’t go wrong with asphalt paving services in Nevada. All over the United States, countless auto accidents are caused by poorly paved roads with cracks, potholes, and uneven surfaces, causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

However, asphalt has a smooth surface that is comfortable to drive on, reducing the chances of collisions. In addition, proper asphalt paving deters pedestrians, including the elderly and children, from tripping and falling. This prevents them from spending thousands of dollars on medical expenses and injury treatment. 

2. Improved Curb Appeal

Aesthetics is another reason proper asphalt paving is important for parking lots, driveways, and private and public roads. Ultimately, it improves a residential or commercial property’s curb appeal, making it look more inviting and professional.

If, for example, you want to dispose of a property, the asphalt paving’s sleek, dark appearance can amplify its value. And the result? Multiple potential homebuyers will knock on your door, begging you to accept their offers. In the long run, you might sell the structure profitably, which is every seller’s dream.

3. Guaranteed Longevity

Quality asphalt paving lasts more than 15 years, eliminating the need for frequent repairs. Of course, you can take various measures to ensure your asphalt parking lot or driveway lasts longer.

For instance, consider seal-coating services to prevent oxidation, which may cause the surface to become brittle and crack. Avoid oversealing, though, as it could result in “alligator cracking,” which occurs when the supporting structure can’t hold up the weight.

Furthermore, remember that sealing your asphalt paving is recommended within the first year for new pavements. However, if you have an old asphalt driveway or parking lot, it’s advisable that you wait 2-3 years to seal it. Even so, there are some exceptions — some asphalt pavements may require sealing more frequently because they’re susceptible to more wear and tear.

Preventing water damage is another common trick used to extend the life of asphalt paving. Water thaws and freezes, which could damage the pavement. The solution here is to get good drainage to keep water at bay.

Still, you’ll appreciate that proper asphalt paving is low maintenance. It barely fades, and regular sweeping is enough to keep the surface clean and appealing.

4. Reduced Heat Island Effect

Quality asphalt paving is also essential because it ensures the surface retains its dark surface, which absorbs less heat than many other materials. As a result, it fights the urban heat island effect, minimizing the cooling expenses for nearby buildings.

Tell you what, you can install an asphalt driveway or parking lot when you want to cut back on your air conditioning costs. This will protect you and your folks against heat-related health conditions and symptoms, which include heavy sweating, muscle cramps, dizziness, tiredness, and clammy skin.

5. Environmental Friendliness

If you’re all for protecting the environment, then proper asphalt paving can contribute to that. For starters, it minimizes air pollution levels by reducing the urban heat island effect. Therefore, you can relax knowing that your chances of suffering from long-term health complications like lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases are slim.

At the same time, asphalt paving is recyclable. This means that homeowners or construction workers don’t have to dump it in landfills, reducing the amount of waste at these disposal sites. Plus, there’s absolutely no need to use natural resources to manufacture new asphalt.

Moreover, asphalt paving conserves the environment by reducing noise pollution. Think about it: Driving on asphalt surfaces is less noisy compared to other types of pavements.

Employees can enjoy a quieter work environment by reducing noise pollution and boosting productivity and safety. This improves concentration and sleep quality at home for you and your family. 

Tips to Choose Quality Asphalt Paving Services

Without a doubt, proper asphalt paving installation is advantageous. However, getting it requires you to work with the right company. Need help identifying it?

These tips can help you find proper asphalt paving services in Seattle:

  • Opt for a licensed and insured contractor — it translates into professionalism and quality asphalt paving.
  • Choose an asphalt contractor with a great reputation, as it indicates a high customer satisfaction rating.
  • Hire an experienced contractor with the skills and knowledge to get the job done right.
  • Ensure the contractor you hire offers warranties in case something happens after they complete the paving job.
  • Go for a contractor who provides a plethora of asphalt paving services, including asphalt construction, repair and maintenance, and seal coating. This boosts convenience as you don’t need to visit multiple companies to ensure the pavement, highway, driveway, or parking lot lasts a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

With this guide, it’s pretty easy to reap the benefits of proper asphalt paving. Don’t forget that it might take some time to dry, ranging from 48 to 72 hours after installation.

Some of the factors impacting drying time include humidity, sunlight, paving thickness, and air temperature. Nevertheless, the asphalt is only safe for foot and vehicle traffic after drying.


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