Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with DIY Watercolor Paintings

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with DIY Watercolor Paintings

Are you looking for ideas to revamp your humble abode? Have you considered adorning the walls of your house with beautiful watercolor art pieces? 

Watercolor art can be the solution you have been looking for. You can either get a commissioned piece or create a watercolor masterpiece yourself. Decorating with your own watercolor paintings is a great way to add your personal flair.

Through your own creative art pieces, you can express your personality and refine the aesthetics of your home in a personalized way. Painting by yourself brings joy and also a sense of fulfillment. The artistic touch of the colors from your painting will add more beauty and depth to the interiors.

Decorating the home with such unique art pieces will surely grab the attention of guests. It is also an inexpensive way to make your home look luxurious. This article will discuss various tips for DIY watercolor paintings.

Choosing the Perfect Size

The size of your paintings plays a crucial role and will depend on the room you want to hang your creative piece in. You can opt for any shape of canvas you like. It can be a triangle, circle, square, anything.

Art means having no bounds and doing whatever you like. It is literally an expression of freedom, so choose any shape you like. As a beginner or a safe choice, you might want to opt for rectangular or square surfaces.

If the space in the room is very small and has a lot of other things, it is wise to go for a small piece. The dimension of 30 x 40 cm can be ideal for small spaces.

You can also hang more than one painting in this frame size. For balanced and modern aesthetics, consider hanging the artwork diagonally. For medium-sized living rooms or bedrooms, you can install an art piece in a slightly wider format, like 45 x 60 cm.

If you want to hang a bold and big painting on an empty wall of a large spacious room, you can opt for  60 x 80 cm. A piece of this dimension can make a unique statement on its own in an airy space. You can also hang a number of paintings in different sizes for a quirky touch.

Surfaces for Watercolor Painting

For painting with watercolor, paper is used traditionally. Paper is easily accessible and can be found in most stationery shops. It is also quite easy to work with and strongly recommended for beginners.

There is a variety of paper that you can choose from according to your preferences and the finished look you have in mind. This watercolor paper guide will help you decide which type of paper to paint on.

There are also other absorbent surfaces you can paint on besides paper if you are feeling adventurous. Watercolor canvas functions similarly to rough watercolor paper that also gives the conspicuous canvas finish.

Thin fabrics like silk can also be used as a surface for watercolor. The drawback of this surface is that the pigment or colors will bleed through, making it a bit difficult to control the brushstrokes. If used carefully and strategically, the results can be incredibly beautiful.

Selection of Colors

The sophisticated effects of watercolor add more zest, light, and softness to the area. It is vital to choose the proper color palette that complements the room. The colors should also be in harmony with the functionality and the purpose of the room.

Watercolors lend freshness, luminosity, and softness to a room, giving it a refined touch. The colors should be selected according to the aura you want to establish in the room. To make it easier for you to decide what colors to use, some color options are discussed below.

Subtle, Natural Colors

You can use light natural colors like powder blue, beige, and salad green. Such a color palette pairs well with autumn landscapes. They provide a sense of tranquility and composure without adding any intensity and luminosity. This selection of colors will look great in a well-lit room, especially under the natural lighting of the sun. Hence, it is best to place the painting in this color palette in a room with a window through which the sunlight enters.

Bright and Intense Colors

Vibrant colors like yellow, orange, pink, and light green can illuminate the space. Such colors will make abstract scenic pictures pop. Yellow set a warm ambiance and is often associated with positivity and optimism. Green establishes a refreshing aura that also encourages good health and prosperity. Colors have a strong impact in setting the whole vibe.

Pastel Colorsย ย 

For minimalistic yet wholesome vibes, pastel colors are ideal. This color palette is also quite trendy and has a sleek look. On a medley of pastel colors, you can do simple yet bold line art for an avant-garde painting. 

Pastel colors like pale lemon and baby pink have a soothing and calm effect. To add some depth to the colors, you can pair a pastel color with a tint of the compatible primary or secondary color.

For instance, according to the color wheel, blue is compatible with orange. Hence, pastel orange will look amazing with pastel blue. Pastel green with pale pink and pastel purple paired with pastel yellow are other attractive pastel pairings.

Painting Themes

The best theme to opt for is something that you can resonate with and is within your capabilities. Do not stress too much over what theme to follow. Opt for something simple that will express your personality.

You also need to keep in mind to choose a theme that harmonizes well with all the features of the room. Soothing and peaceful themes are usually ideal as painting with watercolor itself is a form of meditation. To help you get some inspiration, some themes are discussed in the following.

Urban Landscape

To keep up with recent times, you can opt for urban landscapes. Urban landscapes are contemporary and set an ultra-modern vibe in the room. This type of theme is quite a popular subject in the world of modern art. You can unleash your inner Monet and create a masterpiece of the urban landscape.


Landscapes can go well in almost any room and any ambiance. They are pretty simple but very elegant. A single landscape painting can make the entire room look gorgeous and refined. When you are having trouble deciding what theme to follow, this one is the safest choice.

Still Life

Painting still life is often recommended for novice artists. This theme is also very peaceful and calming. It depicts stability and serenity. It is also a classic timeless theme and can make the room look extraordinary.

Final Words

No one likes to have boring decor. Adorning the walls with your own watercolor paintings is an effective way to spice up and personalize the aesthetics of theย interior design. Even on a tight budget, you can make your home look sophisticated with a simple installment of your own artwork.


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