Condos vs. Apartments In Bellevue, Washington

Condos vs. Apartments In Bellevue, Washington

Why Buy Condos for Sale in Bellevue, WA?

There is no shortage of apartments for rent and condos for sale in Bellevue, WA. As a result, finding a place to call home in the city is not too difficult for newcomers. And, while renting is typically the first housing option for most people, buying a condo could be a better choice for you.

Here are the benefits of buying a condominium instead of renting an apartment in Bellevue. 

3 Reasons to Get a Condo Instead of an Apartment in Bellevue

1. Build Equity

In real estate, equity refers to the difference between your property’s market value and the amount owed on your mortgage. To put it simply, if your place is valued at $500,000 but your mortgage amounts to $375,000, your equity is $125,000. That would also be the profit you would make if you decide to sell the property after paying off the mortgage. 

By owning a condo, you would have the opportunity to build equity and get a return on investment later on when you sell the place once market values rise. 

2. Rent Payments Can Cost More

When you’re renting an apartment, you’ll continue paying for the place until you leave. You’ll only have to make your loan payments with a condo mortgage until the mortgage is paid. You might actually end up spending more money in the long run by renting. 

Depending on your mortgage agreement, your payment amounts can stay the same throughout the whole term, which can mean fewer adjustments to your monthly budget. The rates might also increase depending on your landlord with a rented apartment. 

3. You Could Earn Passive Income

If you decide to move in the future, you could still earn income through your condo by renting it out. If your condo is situated in a highly convenient part of town, people would be willing to pay for the place even if you rent it out at a higher rate. The profit would help with your payments if you haven’t fully paid your mortgage yet. 

Start Looking for Condos for Sale in Bellevue, WA Today

Is buying a condo the right choice for you in Bellevue? You can search right now with Landcast, one of Seattle’s top real estate brokerage sites. They have updated listings with a wide range of market prices, so you can pick a condo that fits both your budget and needs better.

Check out Landcast today to get started!


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