Caribbean Hideaway – Cabier Ocean Lodge, Crochu, St. Andrew’s, Grenada

Caribbean Hideaway - Cabier Ocean Lodge, Crochu, St. Andrew's, Grenada

Experience all your senses and the feel of the old Caribbean before the days of mass tourism in comfortable Cabier Ocean Lodge. The natural beauty of the Caribbean is all around you at Cabier. The Lodge, with its 11 guest rooms plus Two Bays Villa and Studios is set on a picturesque low promontory overlooking the ocean at the end of a quiet rural road. 

Uniquely surrounded on three sides by the sea. On one side you will find beautiful palm fringed Cabier beach with its calm clear waters; ideal and safe for swimming and protected by an offshore reef. On the other side a shallow bay with shallow coral reefs around the promontory, great for snorkeling. From the garden and restaurant, you will enjoy an endless view over the wide expanse of the ocean. 

Cabier is located on the south east coast of Grenada, near the small village Crochu, St. Andrew’s, not far from the town Grenville. Comprising 8 lots totaling approximately 4.2 acres, the property includes a 2-story house with a large flat and 2 bedrooms overlooking the ocean. The Ocean Lodge has plenty of accommodations with 10 double bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, that sleeps a maximum of 20 guests. This premium property has direct access to the Ocean and a small private beach.

As a guest of Cabier you will enjoy spectacular views of the bay, beach andย the sea from all the rooms. Cabier Ocean Lodge is truly a hidden jewel of theย Caribbean where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful and quiet vacation away from it all. The beauty of nature in the tropical destination is only exceeded by the warm Caribbean hospitality of Grenada.


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