Brady Blue And The Power Of Color-Themed Rooms

Brady Blue And The Power Of Color-Themed Rooms

Tom Brady’s clothing line, Brady, has introduced its very own color. Known as Brady Blue and created in collaboration with Pantone, one of the world’s biggest color experts, it was informed by the core ideals of the Brady brand, which emphasize bravery, tenacity and conviction in order to achieve top performance.

Even if you don’t use Brady Blue in your home or office, the principle of color theming is a key part of room design and decor. Bold use of color can make a huge contribution towards creating the right feel and the right emotional response. These principles are well known across many industries, particularly in the online economy, where grabbing attention and provoking certain emotions is crucial. 

For home decor projects, there is no need to be afraid of going bold and turning up the hues to dazzling. Sometimes our instinct is to tone down or mute the color scheme in a room, but by going all out to extend the theme to all areas of the room, even down to the ornaments, lamps and coffee table decor, it is possible to create some truly stunning and memorable effects. 

So how do you make the most of color and its potential to power up your style? Here are some of the most popular factors to consider when you are focusing on the power of color.

Fire reds and fall oranges 

Reds or oranges can be the best option if you’re looking for a bright color scheme, since they symbolize energy, excitement, fire and enjoyment. Red can have lots of natural appeal without being flashy, if you opt for richer and more modest autumnal tones, enabling them to beautifully complement natural surfaces and timber furnishings. Vibrant red colors, on the other hand, are perfect for recreating exotic Middle Eastern interior styles.

The power of blues

Bold blues have always been associated with strength, and it’s easy to understand why if you think about how attention-grabbing a deep blue wall can be. If a rich blue is too overpowering, you can move to the milder end of the blue spectrum, which can still be eye-catching and memorable but is more associated with trust and tranquility, for an unoffensive interior design. This color scheme can boost a neutral space, and it also works very well with gray tones, giving a room a Scandinavian feel.

Fertile green

Green represents nature’s blooming and serenity, so if you opt for green colors, it is possible to create an aura of health and healing. Olive or mild green colors are soothing to the eyes, and they mix well with wood panels and flooring. Green may also mirror the tranquil undulating slopes of the rural landscape, making it a perfect color for rooms in homes with large gardens or beautiful countryside nearby, as it blends the inside of the room with the view from the window.

Sunny yellow

Yes, yellow can be overwhelming, but in certain situations, that is exactly the effect you are aiming to create. Yellow has many connotations, but it is above all a summery, outdoors color, so it is perfect for rooms that get a lot of sun. Alternatively, the right use of the color yellow can add depth and joy to smaller areas of the home or office, creating the feel of a beautiful flowering meadow or a wide-open beach. The beauty of yellow, like blue, is that it can shade into darker and paler tones, enabling you to blend furniture and decor in a powerful theme that will really pop. 

Mixing the colors

You don’t have to stick to one color to make a profound impact, either. Bold use of contrasting colors such as fuchsia and green, or bright yellow and rich deep blue can create unexpected but stunning effects. Throwing together bold colors may feel unusual or unwise at first, but it is a brilliant way to discover new sensations and impressions, and to stimulate your imagination. By taking a few bold moves with your decor, you can radically transform your home and change the way you see your space.


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