Best Tips to Prevent Your Home Delivery Package From Being Stolen

Best Tips to Prevent Your Home Delivery Package From Being Stolen

Statistics in America show that online sales are predicted to hit $6.5 trillion by 2023. Surely, the numbers were rapidly growing each year, but it is quite clear that the pandemic virus situation in the whole world has increased these numbers significantly. The numbers went up naturally because, during the lockdown, we preferred to order everything online.

But unfortunately, the pandemic situation also left a lot of people without jobs. This affects the number of packages that get stolen from your porch. But on the other hand, there is another natural reason why this is happening: the more packages are sent, the more is stolen.

You can check out the BoxLock Review 2020 – protection from porch pirates as one of the options to keep the thieves away. To find even more tips and advice about how to prevent your package from being stolen, check out the list we have made below.

Use Specialized Post Lockets

Many countries around the world have specialized post lockets for the deliveries that are delivered by the national post and separate ones for each delivery company. Of course, if they decide to have such.

Therefore, if you have a possibility, it is best to choose to receive your package in this specialized locket. Especially if you are not sure if you are going to be home on those days when it should arrive.

You can always choose the nearest locket to your home, and when the package arrives, you will receive a notification with a PIN code that will be valid for a few days. This way, you can pick up your package at any comfortable time, or you can just forward the message to your friend and ask to pick up the package.

Plan to Be Home When the Package Arrives

Usually, there is no such possibility to set a specific time for your package to arrive at your door. But on the other hand, delivery companies, depending on the brand, always notify you about the upcoming delivery.

Sometimes you will receive a short message, sometimes an email, and sometimes – even a phone call. If you receive a phone call, you can try and negotiate the time of the delivery with the currier.

So it is usual that you will know the day that your package arrives and an approximate time as well. If you have a possibility, then you can plan to be at home when the delivery arrives and accept it right away.

Change the Destination of Your Package

It is a pretty common practice to change the destination of your deliveries from your home address to your work address. If you have a full-time job, it is a smart and convenient thing to do because most of the packages are delivered during the normal workday and rarely later.

On the other hand, if you order a food delivery service, then this solution might not be practical for you because you would have to store all your purchases in the fridge at work. In those cases, check out what additional services are offered by your food delivery supplier. Some of them also offer specialized lockets where you can pick up your package on the same day.

Do Not Let Your Packages Pile up

A mistake that people make quite often is letting the thieves see that you have not been at home for a while. This creates an additional attraction for them as easy bait.

For example, if a person who is thinking of stealing some packages in the neighborhood sees a pile of packages next to your door, it is a clear sign for him that you are not at home and will not notice what is happening.

Install a Fake Security Camera

This is a way to cheaply scare off potential thieves because fake security cameras are inexpensive.

But you need to have it in mind that this will only work if the thief notices the safety camera. Otherwise, a fake security camera will be of no help because it does not gather security footage.

Install a Real Security Camera

Installing a real security camera costs more, but it has way more advantages than a fake one. First of all, if your packages are already getting stolen, you need to be concerned about your entire safety around the neighborhood. Because if one day some person is stealing your packages from your front door, what else might he think of doing?

Also, even if the thief will have his way of taking your package, you will still have the security camera footage and might be able to identify this person.


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