The Benefits of FAKRO’s DRL Flat Metal Roof Hatch in Commercial Construction and Building 

The Benefits of FAKRO's DRL Flat Metal Roof Hatch in Commercial Construction and Building

Flat roof access hatches allow you to safely reach the rooftop from the inside, eliminating the  risks posed by exterior ladder  access. There are different roof access door models to consider. Still, one stands out for commercial and residential applications and is a value-added feature to emphasize in real estate transactions:  FAKRO’s DRL Flat Metal Roof Hatch  offers reliable, durable, and functional rooftop access and unique safety features, making it highly trusted by commercial construction professionals because of its unique approach to rooftop access. Let’s look at eight reasons to include DRL the next time you work on a flat roof project. 

  1. Superior Build:  The FAKRO DRL Flat Metal Roof Hatch is crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring its longevity and resilience against outdoor exposure and heavy foot traffic. 
  2. Compliance and Certification:  The FAKRO DRL Flat Metal Roof Hatch exceeds building code requirements, ensuring no compliance issues. 
  3. Easy Installation:  The roof access door is precisely designed for easy installation, saving time, hassle, and labor costs. 
  4. Effortless Operation:  This access hatch is easy to open and close, thanks to its gas springs, making repairs and maintenance more convenient. 
  5. Safety First:  DRL’s locking mechanism offers secure protection, preventing unauthorized access. It features anti-slip features to ensure a safe walking surface on roof pitches between 0° and 5°. 
  6. Effective Insulation:  This fully insulated roof hatch enhances efficiency by helping to maintain a consistent indoor temperature, lowering heating and cooling costs. 
  7. Waterproof Design:  DRL features a watertight seal to safeguard your project’s interior from leaks and moisture. 
  8. Aesthetic Appeal:  FAKRO pays attention to design, ensuring that this access hatch seamlessly blends with the upscale aesthetics of your properties. 

The Safer Choice: Attic Ladders Over Exterior Ladders 

Safety comes first when accessing the roof of a commercial building. An interior attic ladder to your roof access door is much safer than propping ladders outside the building. 

Why Are Attic Ladders Safer? 

  • Stability:  Attic ladders are designed for strength and are securely mounted within the building. In contrast, unfixed exterior ladders wobble, shift, or slip, posing a significant safety risk. 
  • Protection from Weather:  Attic ladders are protected from the elements, as they are installed within the building’s structure. As with exterior ladders, you don’t have to worry about rain, wind, or snow making the ladder slippery and hazardous. 
  • Security:  Attic ladders come with locking mechanisms, ensuring they remain fixed when not in use, reducing access and unauthorized access. 
  • Ease of Use:  Attic ladders are user-friendly and easy to operate. They fold smoothly for access and can be securely closed when not in use. Exterior ladders, however, require more effort to set up and can be cumbersome to transport and store. 

Benefits of a Flat Roof Metal Access Hatch for Residential Structures 

Flat roof access hatches are a great addition to apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels, and campus residences. Here are five ways these roof access doors benefit residential structures: 

  1. Enhanced Safety and Accessibility:  Roof access doors simplify access to rooftops and other hard-to-reach areas within residential structures, eliminating the need for unsteady exterior ladders and expensive stair installations. 
  2. Streamlined Maintenance and Snow Removal:  Installing the DRL Metal Roof Access Hatch makes maintenance tasks, such as gutter cleaning and snow removal, more accessible and safer, eliminating the hassle of movable ladders. 
  3. Rooftop Space Utilization:  Corrosion-resistant roof hatches enable the efficient use of flat rooftop spaces for outdoor lounging and relaxation. 
  4. Tailored Aesthetics:  FAKRO’s DRL Metal Roof Access Hatch offers customization options that allow builders to match the trim color with the building’s exterior design. 
  5. Soundproofing:  FAKRO’s modern roof hatches offer soundproofing options using acoustic tiles, reducing noise pollution and sound transfer from outside. 
  6. Safe and Easy Operation:  Gas springs make opening and closing the hatch effortless, while anti-slip features ensure safe access to the roof. 
  7. Energy Savings:  Roof hatches also help to prevent drafts – another way energy costs are reduced. 

FAKRO’s roofing products enhance structural integrity and durability, mainly when constructed from materials like galvanized steel.  

Top Tips for Pitching a Property with a Flat Roof Access Hatch to Potential Buyers 

Real estate pros, here are some seven smart tips for selling a property that comes with a flat roof access hatch: 

  1. #1 – Highlight Safety:  Emphasize how the roof hatch provides a safer way to reach the rooftop: no wobbly ladders or risky climbs. 
  2. #2 – Talk Versatility:  Showcase how this hatch adds extra functionality to the property, like storage or rooftop gardens. 
  3. #3 – Stress Efficiency:  Point out how easy it makes maintenance tasks. Think of quick debris removal, hassle-free gutter cleaning, and straightforward equipment inspections. 
  4. #4 – Energy Efficiency Matters:  Mention the hatch’s insulation—it keeps indoor temperatures steady, meaning lower energy bills and a more eco-friendly property. 
  5. #5 – Aesthetics Plus:  Let them know it will keep the property’s look. It can be enhanced with design possibilities or as a trendy rooftop event space. 
  6. #6 – Bonus Income:  Remember to mention the extra cash it could bring. Lease the rooftop or use it for advertising—hello, additional revenue. 
  7. #7 – Future-Ready Investment:  Explain that this property isn’t just for today; it will also help to save on future expenses. 

Apply these seven tips to make a property with a flat roof access hatch stand out and appeal to potential buyers who want an innovative, functional, and forward-thinking real estate investment. 

Trust FAKRO for Complete Roof Access Solutions 

FAKRO manufactures a trusted collection of reliable and high-quality products built for safety, durability, and functionality when you need a flat metal roof hatch or attic ladder. Whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential solution or want to enhance a property listed for sale, look for FAKRO models through trusted access doors and panels experts specialized in finding access solutions for commercial builders.


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