A Guideline To Renting Or Buying A Chalet In Megève, France

A Guideline To Renting Or Buying A Chalet In Megève, France

There are two holidays you can’t miss during the year. In summer, you have to find yourself a location close to the beach, so you can recharge your batteries under a warm sun and cool down in the sea, and in winter, you need to grab a surplus of fresh air, with a week at the mountains, for some skiing, ice skating and lots of good food to replenish yourself. To complete the second holiday, you need a chalet in Megève. Here is more about this region and its accommodations.

A Luxury Ski Resort

Megève is located in Haute-Savoie, in France. That is where you find the most famous ski hills in France, with the likes of Chamonix and Les Portes du Soleil. However, none other offers the kind of comfort and luxury that Megève does. With its high-quality cuisine restaurants and its exclusive boutiques, the town attracts some of the wealthiest people from around the World. It is no wonder that those who enjoy skiing come here to spend a dream week, since Megève is part of the “Domaine Evasion Mont Blanc,” featuring 445 kilometers of ski slopes and 88 ski lifts. They all find the right slope for themselves, with an availability of 35 green ones, 53 blue, 71 red, and 24 black.

But what attracts visitors the most in Megève, and what entices them to come back, is the properties that they find on the grounds. As you will discover (click here for pictures and info), the chalets located in the region have nothing to envy of any other ski station around the world. Not only are they well integrated into their environment, which is a necessity these days, but they also offer the utmost luxury to those that rent them. So much so, that many tourists decide after their first visit, to buy a chalet in Megève, so that they can come back every year and stay at their own property.

What is the Best Way to buy a Property in Megève?

Like anywhere else in the world, when you decide to acquire a piece of land with a property on it, you need to call upon the services of the realtors most known in the area. In the case of Megève, it would have to be Fée Pour Vous, who have been renting chalets in this town, to an exclusive international clientele, for over twenty years now. With the experience they acquired, it makes them the perfect partner to buy a chalet, to use as a holiday home, rental property, or purely as an investment property to resell later, when you’ve decided it’s time to stop skiing.

They handle everything, on location. First, they visit the chalets and estimate their value. Thanks to their greater knowledge, they accompany the buyer through the sale process, so that they get the best deal possible, in the end. They can also handle the process of finding the right chef, butler, and driver for the family, that can work solely when they come to stay, to make it as pleasant as possible. These are some of the advantages that you will have, working with a company that is well established in Megève, when you look to buy your own chalet.


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