911 Creator F. A. Porsche Designed Chroma Type 301 Knife Collection

911 Creator F. A. Porsche Designed Chroma Type 301 Knife Collection

Created by renowned German design Studio F. A. Porsche, the creator of the iconic Porsche 911, the Chroma Type 301 Knife Set is a classic example of creativity following the highest precept of “form follows function.”

Developed in close cooperation with leading chefs, including chef of the decade Jörg Wörther, focus was on function and ergonomics. The handle is made from 1810 steel, the blade from high quality Japanese pure 301 steel. Innovatively designed, the handle and blade merge seamlessly while the stainless-steel “pearl” clearly demarcates the end of the handle and signalizes haptic separation that serves as an abutment for thumb and forefinger at the same time.

The design of the handle does not follow traditional rules. Its chamfered form takes into consideration the way professional chefs work by using their knives in many different cutting angles. Instead of one fixed working position this design offers an ergonomic solution for quick and free movement of the knife in the chef’s hand. The final shape of the handle was optimized for maximum usability.

The Type 301 knife series by Chroma bridges the gap between Japanese tradition and European design while faithfully following the Japanese philosophy which dictates a knife to be lightweight and flexible. The result is a precision cutting tool designed by Studio F. A. Porsche created with a purity of purpose and honest perfection of functionality.

  • Name: Type 301
  • Brand: Chroma
  • Product: Knife Set
  • Designer: Studio F. A. Porsche
  • Country: Germany


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