9 Ways to Incorporate “Fun” Seating Into Your Outdoor Setting

9 Ways to Incorporate "Fun" Seating Into Your Outdoor Setting

If you have a large backyard or a big outdoor seating area, you might be wondering how you can best add in some seating to make it a more comfortable and welcoming space both for your family and for visitors, as well as turn traditional furniture options into a fun and creative outdoor seating arrangement. 

While you can buy lawn chairs and other simple things, you’re used to seeing outdoors, there are a lot more fun ways of adding seating that can make your outdoor space both functional and inviting. 

This guide will give you some great ideas for making your space fun and nice!

Add in Some Color 

One of the best ways to make your space more fun is to add some colors. Some people avoid adding pops of colors because they think it will make the space look childish or ill-designed. This couldn’t be further from the truth as long as you add in color the right way. 

One of the easiest ways to add color is to get some solid color cushions for your couch and then add in some funky pops of colors with the pillows. This is perfect because your cushions will always be a solid color so you can change the colors of the pillows depending on the season or your interests. 

During your holidays, you can always change the pillow covers to be more festive if you want to decorate the outdoor area for Christmas. 

Bright White Seating 

If you’re not into color and want something classier and more vibrant, consider doing bright white seating everywhere. This is best if you have a sun-soaked area and you don’t want too many colors to clash with the furniture and decorations that you already have. 

Bright white seating is also extremely elegant and is perfect if you want to throw a fancy party or if you want to invite some new friends over for cocktails. 

Keep in mind white might not be the best option if you have kids or pets, though, as they can easily show dirt. Always make sure you buy fabric that is meant for outdoors so that it’s easy to wipe and clean should a mess be made. 

Floor Cushions 

If you have been following interior design trends, you might already know that floor cushions are becoming super popular and placed around coffee tables and other low dining areas. 

Floor cushions are also becoming very popular for outdoor areas. They look simple and sleek but also provide ultimate comfort in a casual way for all your guests. 

Add Some Vines and Plants 

If you have a patio or outdoor area that has columns or a stone wall, you can spruce up the area with some vines. Even though patios are small, you can make them seem more elegant and comfortable by adding some decorations like vines that go up the columns. 

This also allows you to decorate the area, but you are not wasting time and space by buying other decorations that could overcrowd the seating area. 

Since vines are seen as elegant and dreamy, the perfect seating to go along with it is some wicker rocking chairs and nice cushions to make it more comfortable. 

Make a Lounge Area 

If you want people to love spending time outside in your backyard, consider making a whimsical lounge area with some low-to-the-ground seating, like some love chairs and a long couch. You can then put a fire pit in the middle to make the area warmer and cozier. 

As with all outdoor seating areas, make sure to add in some plants or vines to make the area lusher and greener. 

Full Dining Set Up

Maybe you’re not using your outdoor area just for relaxing, but instead, you want to host a fancy dinner party complete with a table setting. In this case, you will want to get a long dining table with some comfortable chairs that match the table. 

If you have the space and money, you can also add a serving station so that all the food and drinks are in the same area. This keeps people from having to leave their seats and go inside every time they need something. 

Get Some Hammocks 

If you’re looking for a more casual and laid-back vibe, you might consider getting some hammocks rather than actual chairs. Hammocks are an amazing place to relax whether you’re just enjoying the sunshine, reading a book, or want to take a nap outside. 

Hammocks are also super fun when you have kids, so it can encourage them to spend time outside rather than wanting to be inside all the time. 

Make an Outdoor Corner 

If your backyard is very spacious, you might not want to use the entire space for seating or hosting. In this case, you can make a little seating corner where people can come and relax. Make sure to add a covering or awning so that you can be protected from the sun. 

You can also get some simple pallet couches and arrange different-sized cushions with different colors of pillows. To make the space more welcoming and unique, consider adding some bean bags and a hanging chair to make the space comfortable. 

Arrange Seating Around a Rug 

You can make the sitting area outside much the same way you would inside. Buy a cozy rug and put it on the patio, and then arrange the chairs and other seating materials around the rug. This makes a warm and inviting place for people to come and enjoy. 

The Bottom Line 

If you have an outdoor space and want to make it into something unique and special, make sure to incorporate some of the seating ideas from this guide. They will make your outdoor area more inviting and also give you a space you are proud of for hosting people. 

When in doubt, always make a cozy area for seating with some nice cushions and something nice in the center, like a firepit or small table.


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