8 Pro Tips for a Successful Bathroom Makeover

8 Pro Tips for a Successful Bathroom Makeover

Embarking on a bathroom remodel journey is exciting and adds considerable value to your home. It’s an adventure where you blend practicality with aesthetics and comfort with functionality. In South Bend, a city renowned for its mix of historic and contemporary architecture, nearly 40% of homeowners undertook some home improvement project in the last year, with bathroom remodels high on the list. This trend reflects how much folks appreciate their living space. So, ready to spruce up your bathroom? Let’s delve into some great bathroom design ideas.

1. Say Goodbye to the Unused Tub

Is your bathtub more of a showpiece than a functional element? Well, it might be the right time to consider a switch. Transforming this unused space into a larger shower can bring a refreshing change. It makes your bathroom look more spacious and adds a modern touch. Architect Brett Masterson did something similar with a bespoke marble sink and stunning brass faucets. Just imagine walking into a bathroom remodeled along these lines every morning! And if you’re worried about where to begin, don’t be! Try out South Bend bathroom remodeling by Baths by Bee, known for their creative and high-quality bathroom transformations. 

2. Unique Ways to Let the Sunshine In

In any room, particularly a bathroom, the right lighting is key. And nothing beats the charm of natural light. When planning your bathroom, think outside the box to get more sunshine in. Want an idea? Try big stained-glass windows—a great way to add beauty to your bathroom and bring in natural light. With a little creativity, you can make your bathroom a sunny haven, transforming every moment spent there into a special one.

3. Embrace the Slim Sink Trend

If you’re into contemporary design, adopt the slim sink trend. If you choose a thin, streamlined sink rather than a large vanity unit, you’ll find that it adds a touch of elegance and gives you more room to play with. It is particularly beneficial in bathrooms not typically used by guests, such as a master ensuite or family bathroom. Opting for a built-in sink can add to the sleek, modern look while making cleaning a breeze. Not only does this design choice save space, but it also allows for a less cluttered, more open feeling in the room. It’s a simple change that can profoundly impact your bathroom’s overall ambiance.

4. Combine Two Rooms for Space

In the world of bathroom renovations, size matters. One way to get more space is to combine two smaller rooms, creating one big bathroom. This new and improved area gives you the freedom to add more features. Perhaps you fancy a large tub for those soothing soaks or a wider shower to make your morning routine more comfortable. Or maybe you’ve dreamt of having a double sink vanity, bringing a touch of luxury to your daily rituals. By joining two rooms, you gain more physical space and open a world of possibilities to enhance your bathroom experience.

5. Dabble with Eye-Catching Black & White Tiles

Have fun with unique designs, particularly black-and-white tiles, to add an exclusive touch to your bathroom. These contrast-filled tiles offer a refreshing change, exceptionally enhancing your space. Besides their appealing look, they carry a timeless charm that effortlessly blends with various bathroom styles. The lively play between black and white creates an immersive experience, making your bathroom an aesthetically pleasing space. Whether you prefer a classic checkerboard pattern or a more complex design, black-and-white tiles offer endless possibilities to express your unique style in your bathroom.

6. Change up the Spaces

If your current bathroom location isn’t working for you, think about swapping it with your laundry room. Although it’s not a choice for everyone, sometimes, this shift can lead to a better and more practical home layout. The fresh layout might offer a cheerier and more pleasing space, adding to your home’s appeal. By shifting your bathroom’s location, you could discover a design that fits your needs, enhancing your overall home experience.

7. Transform a Small Bathroom into a Big Walk-In Shower

If you’re blessed with extra space, why not turn a small bathroom into a large walk-in shower? This creative idea hinges on having another toilet and sink bathroom. But if you have that extra room, this project can lead to a wonderful transformation. With this change, your bathroom can evolve from merely functional to a luxurious oasis. Stepping into this expansive shower area, you’ll feel a sense of freedom and relaxation that is hard to match. However, careful planning is vital to ensure all your needs are met in this new design. A spacious walk-in shower could just be the makeover your home needs.

8. Add a Handy Extra Cabinet

Think about how much easier it would be to keep your bathroom tidy with just a bit more storage. Installing an extra cabinet can be the perfect answer to those storage woes. Pick a spot that’s practical and doesn’t crowd the room. As for the style, find one that matches the colors already in your bathroom. You want this new addition to fit seamlessly, almost like it’s always been there. That way, you’re increasing storage and boosting the bathroom’s overall appeal. And remember, the cabinet should serve a purpose without turning the space into a storage haven. It’s about striking the right balance between form and function. Imagine all your toiletries neatly stored away, creating an organized, serene bathroom.


In conclusion, a successful bathroom makeover hinges on your creativity, attention to detail, and understanding of your needs. No matter how small, every alteration takes you closer to your dream bathroom. Enjoy the journey!


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