7 Tips For Luxury Travel On A Budget

7 Tips For Luxury Travel On A Budget

Traveling for pleasure is all about taking a break from regular life. We want to forget about our jobs and daily commitments and enjoy the best that life offers. Most of us even want to forget our daily budgets and our time working to save up any money for a holiday. However, spending all year’s savings in one or two weeks isn’t the smartest move either.

But sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your travel wishes. We have compiled seven luxury travel tips that will allow you to stay within your budget and truly experience the best that life has to offer. Let’s check them out:

1. Pick Off-the-Beaten Travel Destinations

Picking a cheap destination is one simple way to execute luxury travel on a budget. While there are many cheap and amazing travel destinations, such as Nepal and Kenya, you can also benefit by choosing popular travel destinations. Countries such as Prague and Georgia are examples of off-the-beaten travel destinations. Since their countries aren’t super popular among travelers, they are cheaper for the same reason. No popular tourist spots mean regular prices for amusements. Hotels are also considerably priced. The not-so-popular tourist destinations also give you the chance to truly explore the destinations as one of the locals. 

2. Book Newer Hotels

Even in popular touristy areas, newer hotels are more considerably priced due to a lack of reviews. Booking a newer hotel helps with luxury travel in two ways. Firstly, the hotels might be willing to give you a discount or upgrade your services in exchange for a good review. Secondly, they might have newer things to offer than famous hotels. These new and unique experiences can add the element of luxury to your experience.

Moreover, new hotels mean new beds, couches, and newly built bathrooms. The architecture of the new hotels might also be modern. Hence, the modern and pristine condition of the new hotel can feel luxurious, even if it isn’t as fancy as a fancy five-star hotel from the 1990s. 

3. Upgrade Air Travel with Miles 

Even if you don’t frequently fly, signing up for frequent flier miles is worth signing up. Even local air travel can earn you decent points. If your points are not enough to get you free tickets in time for the holiday, they might still be enough to earn you an upgrade on the service, which can be luxurious. 

4. Shop and Eat Local

Shopping for local crafts and eating local food can also be a luxury; it only requires you to rethink what luxury means to you. Did you fly hundreds of miles to sit inside a hotel? Or does luxury mean experiencing something you have never seen before? It’s only a matter of perspective, and luxury travel can be achieved if you opt for the latter. 

Don’t be fooled by big malls and overpriced imported materials. Luxury travel means exploring and learning about new cultures and places, and both of these can easily fit any budget. 

5. Ask for Discounts

Sometimes the best things only require asking for them! Don’t be shy to ask for discounted hotels or discounts on shopping goods. Foreign places can especially be hospitable if you ask for it. Many popular tourist places want their guests to visit again or recommend their spots to others. 

6. Book an All-Inclusive Package

What’s more luxurious than not having to worry about anything? Peace of mind is the utmost luxury, and you can achieve it by getting an all-inclusive package. Even a mediocre holiday plan can feel like luxury travel when you can only enjoy things. Let your tour service providers worry about keeping it within budget, getting you the right hotels, ensuring you are safe, and the rest of the things.

You will only have to pick a trustworthy tour service provider that fits your budget and covers at least six out of ten things you want to explore at your destination. You can also ask the tour service provider for the extra bits by increasing a little bit of your budget. Moreover, you can also arrange for the remaining spots on any free day once you are at the destination. 

7. Get a Luxury Car

If you are not a fan of traveling to far-off places, make every trip luxurious by investing in a luxury car. Even weekly road trips to the beach can become luxury travel if you travel in a BMW 1 Series, or something similar.

Finally, creating a monthly savings plan for any kind of luxury travel and planning your travel in advance can also help make it luxurious while keeping it on a budget.


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