7 Steps to Getting a Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade

7 Steps to Getting a Luxurious Bathroom Upgrade

Every home includes a bathroom, whether it’s small or large, and that’s why it’s the most popular remodeling project. The National Association of Home Builders offers many design ideas for bathroom projects.

But where do you start? Assuming you don’t plan to replace every last tile, faucet, rack and accessory in your bathroom, there’s a long list to prioritize. Consider this list of the most popular DIY fixes for your bathroom.

1. New Bathtub

A good bathtub takes center stage in a bathroom. Choose from a variety of styles and building materials. Sources like Angie’s List break down all of the details of choosing a bathtub so you can make the best choice. Build your accessories around this piece, as the tub will be one of the pricier upgrades you’ll make.

2. Vintage Vanity Sink

The bathroom provides a perfect place for classic, vintage or antique pieces. If you’re tired of the typical countertop sink, a vanity adds style and space to your bathroom. And since they typically come in all-in-one pieces, you can pick and choose different sizes (no need to match a sink and vanity) for your bathroom.

3. Shower Door

Upgrading to a shower door can look like a million bucks if you don’t have a full-size tub and currently use a curtain to enclose your shower. Glass sliding doors cost only a few hundred dollars and install easily. Throwing out the old curtain opens up space and gives your bathroom a fresh, spacious feel.

4. New Tile Around the Tub

If a new bathtub is out of the budget, some new tile around your current bath or shower can breathe new life into your bathroom. Floral or light colors open up your space and give your bathroom that springtime facelift. Need a relatively inexpensive upgrade? Opt for tile, or even Floors To Walls Bathroom Panels. You’ll be doing it yourself in no time with a few new tools and a tutorial.

5. Pretty Towel Rack

It’s time to toss the old metal towel rack and replace it with a vintage piece. A beautiful vintage towel rack acts as more than just a bar to hold two towels. Custom design a shelf space, hooks, racks and any other storage space to make your new vanity or tub really stand out.

6. Upgraded Vent Fan

You know what it’s like after a hot shower if you have a bad vent fan or no vent fan at all. Your bathroom turns into a steamy sauna and you can’t see in the mirror without wiping it down with a towel. A fan can be an absolute game changer for your morning routine — and prevent mold and mildew issues in the long term. An appropriately sized vent fan for your bathroom has a small price tag but a big impact.

7. Modern Faucets

Replace an old faucet to yield big results. If your current fixtures look rusted, dull or just outdated, replace them with modern, chrome pieces for a great accent to your vintage vanity.


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