6 Travel Luxuries Worth the Hefty Price Tag

6 Travel Luxuries Worth the Hefty Price Tag

In the age of Airbnbs and online flight alerts, jetting off to an exotic location is no longer a luxury. From staying in hostels to taking advantage of your accrued airline miles, there are plenty of ways to satiate your travel cravings at any price point. 

However, when planning the trip of a lifetime, there are specific amenities that even the savviest of travelers can’t go without. Between investing in a high-quality carry-on to choosing non-stop flights, here are a few examples of the travel luxuries you shouldn’t skimp on when planning a vacation.   

1. Shipping your vehicle to your final destination

If you have a long-term vacation planned, organizing transportation between tourist attractions and off-site excursions is a must-have pre-travel checklist item. Unfortunately, any avid traveler understands that ironing out transportation details can be a nightmare for those penny-pinching vacation-goers. 

Not surprisingly, American families spend an average of $2,100 per trip on transportation costs alone. If you’re planning a lengthy stay, shipping your car is a must to avoid costly fees from taxis and rideshare services. While transporting big-ticket items like automobiles overseas may overwhelm the average vehicle owner, the task-at-hand involves a relatively low time commitment. With a reliable company like Guardian Auto Transport at your aid, you can guarantee your vehicle will arrive safely at your destination in tip-top condition.

2. A high-quality carry-on

If you frequently travel, splurging on a high-quality carry-on that can withstand more than a handful of trips is well worth the costs incurred. To avoid extra fees with airlines that charge passengers to use their overhead bins, invest in a compact bag that you can tuck underneath an airplane seat.

3. Shoes made for walking

Whether you’re hiking Machu Picchu or strolling through a Swedish mall, the shoes that you bring on vacation can make or break your experience. To avoid building a collection of painful blisters that can sour a day of travel, don’t cut corners by purchasing footwear with minimal arch support. Instead, treat yourself to high-quality hiking or walking shoes, depending on where your trip takes you.

4. Less time in the airport

If you’re a frequent flyer, you probably already know that connecting flights are cheaper than non-stop options. However, an extra $200 for a non-stop flight might be the difference between spending another day sunbathing at the beach or heading straight to your hotel bed upon arrival. Further, non-stop flights help travelers avoid the extra stress of missed or canceled connections, giving you more time to soak in your destination.

5. Noise-canceling headphones

Anyone who’s survived a lengthy flight understands the importance of noise-canceling headphones. Whether it be a pair to drown out the screams of an infant or merely to mute the conversations of other adult passengers, noise-canceling headphones are a much-needed investment for the frequent flyer.

6. A faster trip through security

For those travelers who find the idea of unwinding in an Acapulco resort and a trip to a museum in New Orleans equally enticing, a Global Entry membership is likely a worthy travel investment. Global Entry allows you to save time spent in security and customs lines, buying back precious hours of your vacation.

Final word

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. However, seasoned travelers know that there are certain things you shouldn’t skimp on when planning a vacation. By investing in automobile shipping, splurging on sturdy walking shoes, and signing up for Global Entry, you can make the most of any travel experience – no matter the destination.



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