6 Traits Of A Successful Architect Who Wins Deals And Hearts

6 Traits Of A Successful Architect Who Wins Deals And Hearts

Being an architect comes with the responsibility of envisioning and bringing to life the structures revolving around lives. These can be buildings, bridges, or even dams.

Being a successful architect is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. There are certain traits that an architect must inculcate to be the best version of himself.

Are you an architecture student, a beginner architect, or just someone who takes an interest in the personal work that goes behind architecture? 

If yes, then read on to learn some traits that ensure the success of an architect.

1. Having a Creative Mind

As an architect, there is no doubt that you will be faced with a variety of problems where it may seem that there is no plausible solution.

In such cases, you must think out of the box. 

Think of how other architectural issues in the past were resolved. Compare previous precedents to the current scenario, and figure a way out.

Your ability to think up โ€œabsurdโ€ solutions may end up helping you to find creative solutions. 

Donโ€™t shy away from pitching whateverโ€™s on your mind, it may turn out to be an architectural wonder.

2. Being a Rational Thinker

While creativity is a key trait to possess, an architect must also approach all their projects with rationality.

To fulfill your dream of being a successful architect, think of your creative thought process as a cast, and shape your project inside the cast using your logical thinking as a chisel.

The spectacular work done by Gwenael Nicolas is an apt example of creativity meshed with rationality. His works are architectural spectacles in their own right.

That said, you can see that having the ability to come up with practical and innovative solutions will help you solve real-world architectural problems with ease.

3. Environmental Consciousness

An architect is responsible for creating marvelous buildings and infrastructure for their clients. 

However, itโ€™s not the only responsibility on their shoulders. 

They must also ensure that their designs are not harming the environment.

Understandably, the nature of this job makes it difficult to practice sustainable construction. But a good architect will find a way to make it work.

Try and make sure that projects generate the least possible waste, and utilize the space most efficiently.

4. Being a Knowledge Seeker

As mentioned before, creativity is an integral aspect of being a good architect. But to facilitate creative thinking, you must be aware of the architectural marvels out there in the world.

Read up on the history of architecture and diligently research the methods used to construct ancient buildings as well as modern structures.

You should also keep track of the technological advancements taking place in current times. This will help you come up with a wide variety of solutions and come up with an ace up your sleeve. 

5. Thriving in a Team

Youโ€™ll most likely be working along with a group of people. You must strive to coordinate with your teammates.

Your team may consist of several specialists whose area of expertise is different from yours. Listen to your team membersโ€™ inputs and advice, while also putting forward your opinions.

Work in tandem with your co-workers to ensure that your project is top-notch. 

Be friendly. Avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings.

6. Adaptability

No one is perfect. As you grow in the profession, youโ€™ll make mistakes.

Many times youโ€™ll have to make adjustments.

Therefore, it is best to be open to change. 

Keep contingency plans handy. If even those donโ€™t work out, donโ€™t hesitate to toss away your original idea and come up with a new one.

The ability to adapt to difficult situations will help you overcome any challenge. 

So, never lose hope! Keep racking your brains until the solution is right in front of you!


Architectural design and work inherently entail a lot of planning and testing. To excel, you must work smartly and effectively.

With enough practice and experience, you will indeed be able to give life to structures that are works of art. 

With a good attitude and a proper work ethic, youโ€™ll also win the hearts of your clients and co-workers.


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