6 Tips To Avoid Disasters During A Long-Distance Move

6 Tips To Avoid Disasters During A Long-Distance Move

Moving or relocating to a new home requires careful planning and necessary steps to eliminate any setbacks along the way, especially when you’re moving to a far place. It’s reasonable to start early and prepare well. After all, it’s probably going to be the biggest and most important move of your life. You won’t want anything to turn downhill, and you’ll want to settle into your new home without stress and worries.

Moving thousands of miles across the country will require hiring professional movers who can help you with your journey. It’s best to visit https://movingproz.com/ or other reliable websites of movers that offer reasonable prices and quality moving services. Even if you’ve already experienced moving several times in the past, it’s vital to learn some new tips on making your long-distance move seamless.

Avoid disasters during a long-distance move through the following pointers:

1. Plan Early

Plan your move carefully ahead of time to ensure that it goes smoothly. After all, long-distance moves are a significant life event. Hence, you need to start your planning at least a few months before the actual move. It’s also advisable to contact some moving companies at least three months before moving.

When you set out your moving date, some seasons are busier, so chances are there will be full bookings. It’s best to scan through the best candidates for moving companies and reserve early. So, before you move, be sure to plan ahead to avoid forgetting anything.

2. Write An Inventory List

You must tell the moving companies how many items you have to transfer for your long-distance move. It’s essential to include all the details. You’ll only see how much you have by making a list. Moreover, this list makes the company aware of what items they need to care for. You can note too whether some items require more sensitive handling. 

Using an inventory list will not only help you receive accurate moving quotes from movers but will also guide you to check and track your belongings effectively. Upon the departure of your old home, you can list everything down. And upon arrival in your new home, you can use the list to check all your items that have been carried. 

3. Break Down The Bulky Items

Look around your things and see whether some bulky items can be broken down into smaller sizes. This tip applies to beds, furniture, and other home equipment. Stuff that’s broken down takes up much less space in a moving truck or a portable container. It’s vital that you know how to assemble them back together, so try to bring their manuals along.   

4. Research And Compare Moving Companies

A moving company is not the same as another, so research and compare all your prospective candidates. Make sure your mover is high-quality and reliable by doing some research. You can check out reviews online and refer to online forums and discussions where previous customers have availed of their services. 

You need to conduct more thorough research since you’ll want to prevent problems you might encounter during a long-distance move. Consider all the essential factors when hiring a moving company, as well as the company’s qualities. It’ll help to set criteria, so you can ensure that you select the right company. 

5. Label Everything

While packing, it can be confusing what to place where. To avoid confusion during the packing and unpacking processes, put labels. List the items packed inside each box and put this list on the outside of the box. While you may have already prepared an inventory list, labelled containers and bins allow you to be more organized.

You should also note which rooms the items should be placed in. This will guide you on what stuff needs to be unpacked and rearranged in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. You’ll be able to locate the things you otherwise may have misplaced more easily when you have a list of the contents stored in the box. 

6. Use Boxes Or Bins  

To ensure that all your things are safe and secure, it’s preferred that you use plastic tubs, boxes, and bins. Some sturdy storage solutions are better to use, especially since travel takes longer. To guarantee that fragile items stay in their perfect condition, use bubble wraps and foam rolls too. Boxes and bins make it easy to stack, so spaces can be saved in the moving truck. Additionally, they’re reusable, and they offer a neat method of storing things.


There are many factors to consider when you move, especially if you’re transferring miles from your current place. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to avoid accidents and make your transition to your new home stress-free.

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