5 Ways to Make Your Rental Listing Attractive

5 Ways to Make Your Rental Listing Attractive

Professional photographers and videographers are always eager to find new locations to make their next project even more compelling than before. And for that, they move towards websites with rental property listings to see if there’s any property that they can choose for the photo shoot. In such cases, rental listings with complete descriptions and attractive images tend to gain more attention.

So, you have to make sure that when you list your property on the location rental website for photo shoots or events, it is convincing and compelling enough to grab customers’ attention. Your listing must be filled with all the details and a profile that gains the customer’s trust. In this article, you will find five ways to make your rental listing attractive to customers.

1. Upload clear images of your rental property

The first impression of your rental property will be based on the images you upload on the site. That is why attractive and clear pictures are essential in validating the claims of your listings. Try to capture and upload at least one image for every location of the property, such as living room, bedroom, terrace, backyard, garden, swimming pool, etc., to give a clear-cut image of your space to the customers. Perfect photos will provide the tenants with a clear perspective and realistic expectations of your property.

Here are some tips to take pictures of your rental property:

  • Ensure the property is neat and clean.
  • Ensure all the rooms are well-lit and bright so that the customers can find the perfect location for their photo shoots or events. You can open the curtains and capture photos in natural daylight for a clear view.
  • Try to take photos from the corner of the room rather than from the side because it gives a better view of the total space and size of the area.

You can take photos from a smartphone, but if you want to upgrade the look and feel of your property on the rental listing site, then you can go for a professional camera. Remember that a picture-perfect representation of your property can increase the chances of bookings, so you can do whatever it takes to capture attractive photos of your property.

Although taking shots from all necessary angles with a high-quality device should do the trick, there is still one thing most real estate owners do. They often hire professionals for property photo retouching, which helps them make the place look spotless and clutter-free. Retouching techniques like color correction, noise and blur removal, and cropping can be used to enhance the beauty of the photos. It helps in covering all the flaws of the property that may not look good in photographs. Thus, you should consider retouching your pictures before uploading them on rental listing sites.

2. Write an in-depth description

Writing an accurate, personal, and complete description of the property makes your rental listing more engaging and appealing to the tenants. It increases the chances of interactions and inquiries from potential customers. Make sure you include in-depth information about the property and yourself to make it look authentic and appealing. You can write about the facilities offered, appliances included, neighbourhood, local nearby spots, transportation, and various other things.

Besides, you can use the description in your favour by highlighting all the advantages of renting your property for shoots and advertisements. But at the same time, it is essential to stay honest and state the right expectations to avoid misunderstandings and cancellations from the tenants. If you have clear and detailed descriptions, it will allow you to respond to relevant queries and clear doubts of the tenants, which will eventually save you a lot of time in the long run.

3. Share as much information as possible

Fill in the information in the appropriate fields present on the rental property listing page. If you add more information, it will help you improve the quality of your listing. It will also increase the chances of your property being viewed by potential customers as the algorithm of any website will reward the complete rental listing with a higher rank on the site compared to the incomplete ones.

For instance, if there’s any field that requires a ‘yes or no’ answer, then it is recommended to fill it with whatever is relevant rather than leaving it blank because each and every field could affect the trustworthy image of your rental property.

4. Ensure your calendar is up to date

Most of the photographers and videographers would have planned dates for shooting the film, photo shoot, or advertisement. Hence, while searching for rental property, they need to select a period for the preferred move-in and move-out date. That is why it is essential to keep your calendar up to date, as it will allow you to offer them your property for the relevant dates. Besides, you don’t have to respond to each of them if there’s unavailability of the property for their selected period. On the other hand, if your calendar isn’t up to date, then your property won’t be visible in the search results for the specific period.

5. Ensure your profile looks trustworthy

While searching for rental property, most of the customers want to be sure that they are renting something that is perfect and authentic for their needs. Hence, you need to have a profile that is real, reliable, and helps customers to trust the information. If you include more information, it will increase the chances of someone booking your property.

Here are some tips you can follow to improve the quality of your profile: 

  • Use your real name with the property’s label.
  • Use a recent representative image of yourself to make it look authentic.
  • Try to maintain the ‘response time’ below 24 hours and ‘response rate’ above 90%. The response time states how long it takes you to respond to their queries, and the response rate states the percentage of your responsiveness to tenants. Since these factors will be displayed on your profile, it is essential to pay attention to them while interacting with the customers.


While creating the listings on-site, always think that more is more, so if you provide everything additional to the customers, you will get more from them in return. Try to follow the tips mentioned in this article, such as including clear images, giving detailed information, updating the calendar and making the customers feel comfortable while they rent your property. If the information you share is legit and complete, it will give you more tenants without much hassle.


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