5 Useful Tips for Hiring Movers

5 Useful Tips for Hiring Movers

Making a move is a stressful process. There are many details to remember and plans to make. You are also quite concerned about ensuring your belongings make the trip and arrive in good condition.

If you are asking yourself if hiring movers is worth it, the answer is a definite yes!

The key is choosing a professional moving service that will keep your belongings and your peace of mind intact.

Here are 5 useful tips for hiring movers.

1. Check References and Reviews

Just because a moving company has a flashy website does not mean they are reliable and fair. Take the time to read the reviews posted by previous customers.

An experienced moving will treat your belongings as theirs. They will provide great customer service and follow through with their promises. Make sure their references confirm this.

2. On-Site Inventory / Itemized Quote

When researching how hiring movers work, it is important to know they will want to do an on-site inventory. A company is unable to provide an accurate quote if they don’t see what it is they are responsible for.

In the past, this meant an actual walk-through of the home. Today this can also be done virtually through a video conference call.

Either way, steer clear of moving companies that don’t request specific details of the move. They may be looking to add extra fees later. Make sure you get a complete and detailed quote.

3. Ask for and Understand Moving Insurance

Don’t assume your belongings are completely covered during the moving process. Ask about the mover’s insurance liability coverageand understand your options.

If you have high-value belongings, the standard coverage may not fully compensate you for damage or loss. However, you don’t want to pay for additional unnecessary coverage for certain moves.

4. Hiring Movers When Moving Long Distance

The stakes are even higher when you are moving great distances. Without an experienced moving team, your valuables are more likely to get lost or damaged in transit.

You want a moving service that provides door-to-door service that doesn’t transfer your belongings around to other trucks or store them in warehouses. You also want a professional moving company that does not mix other people’s items in with yours.

You need the dedication and service of this long distance moving company.

5. Be Prepared

While the movers have the bulk of the heavy lifting and work involved, there are definitely things you must do to prepare for a successful move.

Go through your belongings and get rid of things you do not wish to take with you. This will decrease the moving cost and keep you from re-handling unwanted items.

Properly pack and label all boxes. Make sure the movers know if there are any items you want to be loaded first and/or last. It is always a good idea to carry valuables such as jewelry with you. Take pictures of everything.

Make sure the movers have easy access to all rooms of the home. Keep all pets and children away during this process.

It Will All Be Fine

When looking for tips for hiring movers, the first one is to just relax. Moving is stressful, but with good research and attention to a few details, everything will work out fine.We here at The Pinnacle List are your go-to place for luxury homes and destinations. Visit often for helpful advice and practical solutions.


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