5 Types Of Commercial Shade Structures Available In The Market

5 Types Of Commercial Shade Structures

Shade structures are essential when planning an outdoor area for a commercial business. Not only do these types of protective systems protect from the sun and other elements, but they also offer an increased aesthetic value to any given location.

With that said, several commercial shade structures are available today, ranging from solar fabric shades, aluminum structures, umbrellas, and tensioned canopies – each offering distinct benefits depending on how you plan to use them.

In this blog post, we discuss 5 of the main varieties of Commercial Shade Structures so you can make a more informed decision when looking for ways to add shelter or aesthetic value to your outdoor space.

Fixed Structures – Standalone structures that provide shade over a stationary area

Imagine a picturesque outdoor setting; the sun is shining, and there’s a gentle breeze, but it’s missing something essential – a comfortable, shaded area to unwind and relish the moment, thanks to the ingenious concept of fixed shade structures.

These standalone structures provide ample shade over a stationary area, offering a pleasing blend of functionality, aesthetics, and structural durability. Whether it’s a cozy backyard gathering or a busy public park, the purpose is to ensure that you are well protected from the harmful effects of the sun while enjoying the great outdoors with ease. 

From pergolas and pergola canopies to shade sails, the options for fixed structures are vast, with creative and customizable designs that cater to various tastes, preferences, and spatial requirements. So, the next time you find yourself outdoors, remember to appreciate the delightful benefits of fixed structures, making your time under the sun a safer, more relaxed, and more gratifying experience.

Retractable Structures – Protect from sun and rain with the ability to retract when desired

Retractable shade structures have become an important innovation in providing excellent protection from the sun and rain while allowing the flexibility of enjoying open spaces when desired. With their ingenious designs and robust mechanisms, these structures offer a practical yet stylish solution to maintaining the right balance between outdoor exposure and shielding against the elements. 

Homeowners and businesses can create comfortable spaces where they can bask in the sunshine on a clear day or remain cozy and dry under cover of a retractable structure during a downpour. The ability to tailor the degree of protection in response to changing weather conditions makes retractable systems an indispensable investment, enhancing functionality and aesthetics for any property.

Cantilever Structures – Create a large shaded area on one side of the space without obstructing views

Cantilever structures can create a large shaded area that transforms outdoor environments by providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. These fascinating architectural solutions extend horizontally from their base, meaning they can effortlessly cover a wide area without the need for support columns or other obstructions. 

Like a graceful tree branch, cantilevered design canopies over the space below, offering much-needed shade during warm, sunny days. This ensures that people can fully enjoy the surroundings and maintain clear views, making it a perfect choice for open spaces, gardens, or even for adorning the exterior of buildings with an elegant touch. The combination of form and function that cantilever structures bring uniquely enhances any space they are incorporated into.

Motorized Awnings – Extend and retract with the simple push of a button

Motorized awnings offer the control and convenience of extending and retracting your shades with a simple button push. Designed with an electronic motor, these shade structures allow you to customize your shading preference for each day or season, making them perfect for those who want more versatility in their outdoor space. 

No more manual labor. There is no need to wrench cranks into position; just press a button, and your sun shades will be extended or retracted based on the prevailing weather conditions outside. With motorized awnings, you can also adjust the angle at which the sun can enter, tailoring it to your needs precisely. 

From windy coastline locations to sunny deserts, this convenient feature allows nothing less than optimal comfort for all your outdoor activities!

Sails and Shade Cloths – Offer a unique look while providing excellent UV protection

Sails and shade cloths are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any outdoor space and provide excellent UV protection to keep you and your loved ones safe from the sun’s harmful rays. These versatile coverings come in various shapes, colors, and materials, allowing you to create a unique look that complements your existing outdoor decor. 

Imagine a stylish terrace or backyard transformed by the addition of a sail, providing both shade and a touch of elegance to your relaxation area. With their combination of functionality and design innovation, sails and shade cloths have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike looking for a dynamic and protective shading solution.

There is plenty of options when choosing suitable commercial shade structures. From sleek, motorized awnings to freeform sails and shade cloths, business owners can choose whatever style meets their desired needs. Whatever option you choose, fixed structures, retractable structures, cantilever structures, motorized awnings or sails, and shade cloths are all designed with quality construction that will last for years. 

Commercial shade structures bring more than just beauty to your outdoor environment – they provide relief from sun exposure and protection against other types of weather conditions. Investing in the proper type structure for your business is an investment that will pay off for years to come!


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