5 Tips For Real Estate Agents Aiming To Showcase Properties In 2022

5 Tips For Real Estate Agents Aiming To Showcase Properties

Luxury property sales is an extremely specialist market, and making a sale requires precise planning and a strategy that doesn’t necessarily apply to the regular housing market. Experts predict what the housing market will look like in 2022, and it’s shaping up to be a year of growth for the industry. We studied the market to bring 5 of the most effective methods to adopt when it comes to selling luxury property. Taking these methods into consideration will help you, as a real estate agent, to build strong foundations going forward in the industry. We are going to look at how to present a property, which targets clients, and techniques to make the customer feel valued.

1. Well Designed Web Pages and the Importance of Photos

If your goal is to project a luxurious image to the client, then you need to project this image from every part of your business. There is plenty of assistance out there, and using Real Estate Website Templates can really help to drive your image forward. Customers need to be able to easily find what they are looking for through your website, so make sure that you are giving them all the information they could want. Making your webpage attractive will act as another sales technique, as the customers become infatuated by your display.

When showcasing property through a webpage, ensure there are plenty of photographs. The quality of the photographs is very important. Shoddy photography is a red flag in the real estate marketplace in general, so when it comes to selling luxury real estate, quality photos are vital.

Shoddy photography is below the standards even in the regular real estate market, so it’s certainly not going to cut it when it comes to selling luxury housing. To lure potential buyers into your listed houses, you should be investing in high-quality photography, and plenty of them. Pictures of the property are what will first catch a potential buyer’s attention, so think of photos as a marketing strategy.

It is also effective to use video technology when creating a website to display your property. Offering virtual tours can really entice the viewer into going that step further by actually going to visit the property to have a look around.

2. How Good is Your Stager and Are Open Houses Really Necessary?

The luxury housing market needs more attention to detail than the regular housing market, as homes will be completely customised for an individual and their tastes. Staging the property is an extremely important element to finalising any potential deal, as this represents an opportunity to make the buyer picture themselves actually living there. While the furniture is not going to stay in the house, the buyers should be able to see the potential in a place for themselves without being too heavily influenced by your own personal style.

Staging a home is not as straightforward as some may think. It is quite a major task and would be very difficult to do effectively without the help of a professional stager. In the luxury housing market, having the very best stager could prove to be a sound investment. Professional stager’s who come with a long list of luxury sales under their belts may be a bit more expensive than your average stager, but the property is likely to sell much quicker than it would without them. A stager will know the best ways to highlight the charms of a property and the exclusive features which are likely to lead to a sale.

There needs to be a certain air of exclusivity cultivated when selling luxury properties, this could mean that hosting an open house may not be the approach to have, and it would present a much better image if you adopted an appointment-only approach when it comes to clients viewing the property. Some of the benefits to adopting this method are that there is no need to waste time with viewers who are only there to look rather than buy, and the client will feel like viewing the property is somewhat of a privilege – which projects a luxurious image.

A common mistake is thinking that it is better the more viewers you get through the doors. However, the closure rate is far better when getting the right buyers through the door. Hosting multiple viewers at once can be possible, but it is highly recommended that any such event for a luxury property should be on an invite-only basis, this way you can easily filter out those who are not seriously considering making an investment.

3. Sweeten the Deal and Make the Customer Feel Special

Everybody likes free stuff, so if you can throw in a few little extras to sweeten the deal, then it could prove to be that extra weight needed to tip the scale into the client buying the property. For instance, if the property currently has a pool table and the viewer likes the look of it, then tell them that it can be arranged for the table to stay. Does the property come with that gorgeous grand piano? I love that custom-made master bedroom furniture.

When hearing these comments, it is like an open door of opportunity to get one step closer to sealing the deal. Sweetening the pot by throwing in a few extras is a way to make the client feel valued, and is a good way to distance yourself from the competition which could give you that all-important edge that is needed in a saturated marketplace.

4. Know the Surroundings and Cater to the Customer

Every customer is not going to be the same, and to make a sale the property has to be the perfect fit for the buyer. In many cases, buying a house will be one of the most important decisions that a person will make in their life, so all things need to be considered before signing the final contract. If it is a family that is purchasing the house, then local schools will be an important factor.

Do some research to find out what the school is like, how far away it is from the property, and what kind of education it can offer the children. Children will enjoy local parks and other activities, so do the research required to present the information to the buyer. If the buyer is single, then they may want to know about the local nightlife, or high-end clients are noted for having yachts, so it’s a good idea to find out where the closest clubs are.

There are a couple of different ways to provide the key information for the buyer. Firstly, once you have got your new real estate website template, you will be able to put this information clearly on there. Also, your stager will need to know this information when they are showing the buyer around the property.

5. In Conclusion

Projecting the right image is vital to the survival of the business. A real estate agent selling luxury property needs to, at all times, look the part. High-end customers will only trust you if they believe that you are the right people to give their money to.

  • Attract the buyer with a solid website that displays the property.
  • Get some photography tips for professionals to provide high-quality imagery.
  • Provide additional information to further get their attention.
  • Get the right buyers through the door to view the property.
  • Have an experienced stager to look after the buyer.
  • Offer some extras to sweeten the deal.
  • Make the sale.

Adopting the above techniques will give you an edge in making a sale, and ultimately lead to the long-term success of your real estate agency where you can grow and prosper.