5 Timeless Decor Trends That Never Go Out of Style

5 Timeless Decor Trends That Never Go Out of Style

If you need home décor inspiration there’s no better place to find it than by studying trends that have stood the test of time. There are certain design elements and techniques that never go out of style no matter how homes change. You can emulate them exactly how they’ve been done for years or put your own twist on the trend to create something familiar yet new all at once.

Salon Style Art Display

Displaying artwork has been a popular aspect of décor since men first painted on cave walls. Featuring a large painting on its own can help draw attention to the piece, but what if you have a collection to show off?

The trend of hanging numerous paintings together on a single wall began in 1737 when the Salon, a room in the Louvre, was opened to the public so everyone could view the work of French artists. Salon style art displays feature a number of paintings that often decorate an entire wall. Paintings of different sizes and styles in various types of frames are arranged together in a way that’s somewhat haphazard and still cohesive.

Originally at the Salon, small paintings were hung low and artwork progressively got larger going up the walls. Today, there are various ways to create a salon style art display. One option that’s seen in today’s two-story homes is a salon style display on the wall of the staircase.

Black and White Checkerboard Flooring

Homeowners that want to make an instant impact aren’t afraid of high contrast checkerboard floors. The current version of this timeless home décor trend was first depicted in European paintings from the 1400s. However, checkerboard designs date back thousands of years to the Bronze Age.

Two areas of the home where you’re most likely to find black and white checkerboard flooring are the kitchen and entryway. You can modernize the trend by using different colors or incorporating an intricate border. 

Minimalism for a Modern Look

Famous writer and decorator Edith Wharton was a big believer in minimalist design. She shied away from using lots of color and knickknacks to decorate in favor of the idea that less is more. Wharton is considered a pioneer of the minimalist style because she was using the concepts decades before it was popularized in mid-century modern homes.

Minimalistic décor uses a muted, monochromatic palette, few accessories, and solid colors. It’s a great option if you have interesting pieces of furniture because they are able to stand out in the streamlined space. This is also good advice if the home has noteworthy architectural features like an ornate fireplace. Another spot where minimalist décor works wonders is in the kitchen.

Marble Anywhere and Everywhere

Marble is one of the most timeless materials a person can put in their home. Flooring, countertops, tile accents – marble can be used in so many ways in any room in the home. It’s expensive, but if you are going to splurge on an aspect of the décor marble is a great investment.

The muted color works well with the intricate veining so that there’s visual interest without being too busy. If the budget is tight, use marble as a focal point in a single spot in a common area. For example, even if your kitchen counters are another material, using marble for the top of an island can work nicely. The entry is another place where marble will definitely get noticed.

Layers of Lighting

Many people forget that lighting is an important part of home décor. It can highlight other design elements and create a certain mood all while serving the function of illuminating a room. Lighting can also become a centerpiece when you incorporate an ornate chandelier or antique lamps.

The trick is to layer lighting. Create a lighting scheme so that there are several ways to illuminate a room. Include functional lighting that lights up the entire room, task lighting that shines in a limited space and ambient lighting that’s soft and easy on the eyes.  Every DIY decorator has to balance trendiness with timeless design to avoid home décor that will quickly look dated. Our best piece of advice is to use timeless trends for design elements that are difficult to change and add in trendy, modern accents that can be easily swapped out.


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