5 Things You Must Consider Before Changing Your Home’s Floor

5 Things You Must Consider Before Changing Your Home's Floor

Home renovation projects can be exciting as well as stressful and unpredictable, and sometimes it’s easy to miss important steps in the preparation. For that reason, it’s always best to devote some time and conduct some thorough research prior to beginning any renovations so you can consider and compare your options.

Often floor replacements are overlooked, and they don’t receive much attention from interior designers, but they are surely a crucial part of your home’s appearance and functionality. There are plenty of flooring designs to look at and choose from, but it all depends on numerous personal factors. Have a read through the suggestions below and note down your personal preferences before you reach out to a professional to start the flooring replacement work. 

Are you planning a partial or full floor replacement?

Firstly, it’s good to know if you are only looking into changing the floors in some parts of your property due to damage and wear or rather, a full floor renovation. According to some expert advice, choosing the same floor to cover your whole property is a more aesthetic option and makes the place look bigger. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to wet rooms, unless you’ve chosen tiles. 

What’s the best flooring option for your property?

When taking into consideration the flooring options available, give more thought to the practical side and your family circumstances. Do you have toddlers, pets, or the elderly living with you? If that’s the case you should maybe consider a material which is a little softer in case of falling accidents. Also, think about the cleaning and maintenance of your floor. Do you have the time or someone helping you out to have your floors sparkling at all times? If you are considering putting tiles, have in mind that although the glossy finish might look more stylish, it shows every dust particle on it. If you are a fan of hardwood floors, but they seem too pricey, consider luxury vinyl flooring, which can look a lot like real wood but is much more affordable. 

What’s the condition of your subfloor?

Since you will be doing a floor renovation, it’s the perfect time to check the condition of your subfloor, and if necessary you might need to also change your subfloor. If you disregard your subfloor, it might cause cracks or shifts to your new floor or bring other issues in the future. In case you’re not sure how to evaluate this properly and come up with the best flooring option, consider working with home remodeling contractors.

Where are you going to purchase your floor from, and who would install it?

Once you’ve outlined your plan and you’ve taken all the important factors into consideration, and you have a rough idea of what type of floor you are going for, visit some reputable stores and browse through their selections. Do some price checks as you might be surprised how much prices may vary between the different stores. 

After you’ve chosen your flooring product, the last step is to hire a professional to install it. Make sure you ask some important questions with regard to cost, timing, and trash disposal, and sign a written agreement to avoid disappointment and disagreements at the end. 

Is your new floor going to add resale value to your property?

When considering a house renovation, it’s always a good idea to think about the future and whether the investment you will be making now will pay off if you sell your house. Higher quality flooring products, especially hardwood or marble, will surely add great value to your property. So even if you are one of those people who never believe they will sell their property, you never know how your situation might change. You may require a bigger property for various reasons, so if you sell your current property, you can qualify for a mortgage with cash

After you’ve planned, prepared, and organised the whole floor renovation, you can sit back and monitor the process while you get the desired outcome. Once it’s all done, you can enjoy your new floor peacefully.


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