5 Signs You’re Ready for a Kitchen Upgrade

5 Signs You're Ready for a Kitchen Upgrade

Thinking about a kitchen upgrade? If you’re on the fence about remodeling, you should ask yourself a few specific questions. They’ll give you the information you need to make your decision with confidence.

Below, you’ll find five important questions to help you determine which choice is right for you. When you’re ready to finally climb down off that fence, read on.

1. Can You Read Your Measuring Spoon?

Unless you suffer from nearsightedness, you should be capable of reading the numbers on your measuring cups and spoons. If you can’t, your kitchen lighting needs help.

Don’t worry, small kitchen upgrades don’t necessarily require a full remodel. Even if you replace only your lights, it’ll give your space an entirely new feel.

2. Do You Bump into Others?

How many people reside in your household? If it’s more than one, chances are that you see one another when the dinner bell rings. If you need to shoulder past one another to get another helping, you probably need a little more space.

You could try cheap kitchen upgrades, like adding additional space with a kitchen island upgrade. Alternatively, you could go the more expensive route with a complete cabinet remodel.

3. Do Your Cabinets and Countertops Show Wear and Tear?

Take a look at your countertops. Is the grout or mortar falling apart? Is the counter scratched or uneven?

If any of these factors hold true, you need more than kitchen sink upgrades. You need new counters. If you need new counters, you should also upgrade your cabinets.

Otherwise, you’ll need to match your old cabinets with your new counters, which will cost you approximately the same amount. It’s one of the lessons learned through hard-won experience. Please, don’t discount these lessons just because you’re new to home upgrades.

4. Does Your Daily Maintenance Take Too Long?

If you find yourself scrubbing dishes for two hours each night, chances are you need a change. Some kitchen upgrade ideas might include a new sink, a better dishwasher, or more counter space. If you’re not concerned with the kitchen upgrade cost, go for all three.

Your kitchen is there to help you reduce the effort of making meals. If it takes more effort than it’s worth, it’s time for an upgrade.

5. Does Your Brain Keep Telling You that You Need a Kitchen Upgrade?

Do you dream of a new kitchen when your head hits the pillow? Do you visit your neighbor and grow jealous each time she opens her new refrigerator? Do you feel depressed every time you wander into your kitchen for a late-night snack?

If so, your brain is telling you something. It’s telling you that you want an upgrade. And you don’t need to feel guilty for wanting a change in your life.

It’s as simple as that.

What’s Next?

Well, what did you determine? Is a kitchen upgrade what you need? If you’re still uncertain, go through each of the sections above and keep a tally of the pros and cons to make a final choice.

If you’d like to learn more, head over to our library full of additional real estate and home design resources today.


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