5 Reasons to Rent in Malibu for a Holiday Weekend of Luxury and Relaxation

5 Reasons to Rent in Malibu for a Holiday Weekend of Luxury and Relaxation

Summer is finally winding down, which means now is the perfect time to plan that last-minute Labor Day visit to Malibu. Only in this part of Los Angeles County will visitors find 21 miles of spectacular beaches, exquisite dining options and enough family-friendly activities to appease The Brady Bunch.

The accommodations are just as attractive as the scenery, with condos like the ones at Cavilleri Malibu sealing the deal for those aching for one last weekend of luxury and relaxation before school is back in session and work inevitably picks up pace.

Cavilleri Malibu’s website boasts a “true resort experience” for its guests thanks to the on-site pool, private fitness studios and outdoor dining area, but those amenities only offer a first glimpse at the good life. Venture outside the front door to explore a pocket of California so glamorous and inviting, it remains a tried and true favorite of movie stars, families and travelers from around the world. Talk to any of the 450,000 people who make the trek to Malibu for Labor Day Weekend and you’ll quickly learn why there’s never been a better time to cash in on that much needed end of summer blowout.

Here are five reasons to rent in Malibu over the holiday weekend.

The weather is ideal

A traveler would be hard pressed to find more a more comfortable climate than that of Malibu in the late summer and early fall. Drought or not, rain is rare in Malibu despite its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean. On a typical day, temperatures are unlikely to break the mid-80s. And those numbers eventually dip into the high 60s after dusk. You’re sure to be comfy as can be, and packing for a trip to Malibu will prove to be easy breezy!

The waves are perfect for water sports

Surfers, kayakers and other water sports enthusiasts will be pleased to find powerful, yet safe, waves during this time of the surf season. Summer may be coming to a close, but that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing stellar swells. You can check out Surfline’s Malibu surf report and live camera before you go.

Local farmers markets are debuting the best in seasonal eats

Who doesn’t love hearty fall vegetables? The Malibu Farmers Market, presented by Cornucopia Foundation, takes place every Sunday from 10am to 3pm, providing the season’s very best in locally sourced foods. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect ingredients for a homemade dinner to enjoy amidst a quiet sunset. Of course, the Market also plays host to some of the area’s best food trucks, artists and other vendors, making it an enticing option for a relaxing afternoon outing.

The Malibu Fair is fun for families, even famous ones!

Pair recreation with star sightings at the Malibu Fair, an event known to attract families from all over the area, including celebrities. Reality star Nicole Ritchie and pop singer Pink made an appearance at last year’s festivities, which featured carnival rides, local food and the famous Annual Malibu Kiwanis Chili Cook-Off. This year’s event marks the 35th year for this tasty tradition, which is accompanied by live entertainment and other family-friendly activities. For more information about the Malibu Fair and to purchase 4-day passes, visit www.malibukiwanischilicookoff.com.

Local wineries are sending the season off in style

What’s a visit to southern California without a little vino? Snag a ticket to Labor Day Libations at The Rosenthal Tasting Room, and savor a final summer celebration of food, wine and music, plus spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Sunday, September 4th marks the last event of the season for this popular winery.

Summer may be on its way out, but there’s still time to plan the perfect Malibu escape.


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