5 Key Steps on How to Hire a Real Estate Assistant

5 Key Steps on How to Hire a Real Estate Assistant

Real estate agents stay busy all the time.

From showing houses to making offers, there is a lot that goes into the work that they do. If you are looking for better time management, it may be time to look into getting a real estate agent.

You want someone with excellent organization skills and a knack for the industry. However, there is a lot more that goes into hiring a real estate assistant. It’s more than just creating a job listing.

Here are five key steps to hiring a real estate assistant:

1. Decide If the Time Is Right

If you find yourself feeling scattered-brain due to an influx of calls, having difficulty scheduling meetings, or generally feeling like there is too much work for one person, it may be time for a new real estate assistant.

As a real estate agent, you can be swamped with various duties. A real estate assistant is a great way to have a helping hand with the workload.

Additionally, a real estate assistant is great to have on hand for a second opinion on things in your work life. For example, if they have a different area of expertise within the industry, that can be of value to you as another way of looking at things.

With all things considered, if you find that you need a hand in your work, the rime is right to look for a real estate assistant.

2. Figuring out the Logistics

If you are thinking of hiring a real estate assistant, it is vital to figure out what they will be doing, how that work will benefit both of you, and how you can compensate them.

The most important thing to figure out is the budget. Can you afford a real estate assistant? According to Indeed, the average hourly pay for a real estate assistant in the US is $15.24 per hour. Depending on if you need a full or part-time assistant, the wage may fluctuate. Make sure you have a steady flow of income so that compensation will not become an issue.

Additionally, you may want to figure out the specifics of what you need help with.

Is your phone ringing always? Maybe your inbox is flooded with emails. Depending on what your needs, you may need to focus on what you want your assistant for so they have a clear hole to fill.

3. Qualities You Want in a Real Estate Assistant

Once you figure out the logistics, you want to see what qualities you want in a real estate assistant. Do you value strong technical skills over a warm personality? These questions can arise during the hiring process. It is essential to narrow down the qualities you want in an assistant.

4. Post That Job Listing

After you get the logistics, duties, and qualities figured out, it is a good idea to get that job posted with those attributes listed. That way, you can filter through potential candidates with ease.

5. Determine Questions

Based on previous tips and what you are looking for in a real estate assistant, you can determine the questions you will conduct during the interview. These can be questions about their past experience, industry experience, and even interests they have.

Find the Perfect Assistant

With these tips, you will find the perfect real estate assistant that will be a great asset to your real estate career.

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