5 Cons of Buying a House Next to the Highway

5 Cons of Buying a House Next to the Highway

Buying a home for the first time can be a real challenge.  For a first-time buyer, you want everything to be perfect in your forever home. Seeking advice from various people is very helpful as it gives you insight on what to look for in a property. As a car accident lawyer can tell you, avoid purchasing houses next to the highway, no matter where it is, be it Malibu, California or wherever, as accidents can happen very near or on the property.

You may like a house that is in a lively, stimulating, and convenient environment. Houses next to the highway provide this feel. However, before you settle on that beautiful, affordable house, you should know some of the cons of buying property near a highway.

Cons of Living Near Highways

1. Accident-Prone Property

Homes on sloping blocks, tight corners, or high-traffic areas are prone to accidents, especially speeding accidents. Having your property involved in a car accident may lead to disruption and great losses. You might even be at risk of losing your homeowners insurance if such accidents happen too often.

Your real estate agent should disclose important details about the home’s location, especially if the area is prone to car accidents. This will help you make an informed decision on whether to get your dream highway home. If you get an accident-prone home, ensure that you contact your car accident attorney to get compensation for any property damage.

2. Lack of Privacy

If you love your privacy, then this is not your ideal option. Highways always have activity. Your neighbors will always walk or drive past your house and look your way, or children may even play right outside your property. With all this going on, you may end up feeling insecure about the privacy of your home.

Although there is no evidence that homes next to highways are prone to break-ins, many people living in these homes feel safer with a home security system installed.

3. Dust and Pollution

A house on a busy street is subject to more dust, car exhaust, noise pollution, and other forms of pollution. If you are a lover of fresh air, consider getting a house far from the highway, unless you have a good air filtration system in your house.

Noise pollution is probably the biggest disadvantage of living next to a highway. While some people are fine with a noisy environment, others prefer a peaceful one. If noise matters a lot to you, consider a home with insulated windows and doors.

4. Less Safety

For families with children and pets, highway homes are a no-go zone. The risks and dangers become a bit much. Busy roads can bring all kinds of hazards, especially with speeding cars. Parents will feel less safe letting their children play outside where cars pass by.

5. Hard Resale

If you are buying a property for future resale, a highway property may be a challenge. Having to put up with the beeps and car noises nearby is enough to turn away most buyers. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t care about the street noise, and this factor certainly affects the home value of your property. 

If the house does not have features like trees, water fountains, fences, or walls to help with noise mitigation, convincing buyers will be really hard. This is not to say that highway property doesn’t sell. Highway property can sell; you only need to find the right buyer for the right price. 

Get the Right Home for You

When buying a home, you should always consider your needs and preferences. Your home is your sanctuary, so get what you love, whether it is close or far from the highway.


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