5 Common Signs Your Home Needs HVAC Repair

5 Common Signs Your Home Needs HVAC Repair

On average, most modern HVAC systems are expected to last between 12 and 15 years before replacement becomes necessary. However, it’s up to property owners to take the proper steps to ensure that they remain functional for this long.

The best way to keep your HVAC in working condition for over a decade is to remain on top of any needed HVAC repair.

The question is, how do you know when HVAC repair is necessary?

Read on to learn five common signs that something is amiss with your HVAC system that should be addressed right away.

1. Your Air Quality Seems Worse Than Normal

One of the most common issues with an HVAC system involves the build-up of dust, pollen, and other irritants. The effect of a dust-clogged HVAC system is an increase in indoor air pollutants and an increase in respiratory symptoms. When a dirty HVAC isn’t professionally cleaned, it can cause parts to start breaking down from over-use.

2. Your Energy Bill Is High

Sometimes, the biggest sign that something is wrong with your HVAC system is a sky-rocketing energy bill. When vents are clogged or parts are broken, your HVAC system has to work twice as hard to maintain the indoor temperature you desire. As a result, it will start to use more energy, which means that your energy bill may go up even if you’re not setting your thermostat at an unusual temperature.

3. You’re Constantly Adjusting the Thermostat

Another effect of broken or clogged parts is that your HVAC system can struggle to maintain the temperature you’ve set it at. You may feel like you’re constantly turning up the heat or the AC just to stay warm or cool. If this begins to happen, request HVAC service as soon as possible.

4. The HVAC Unit Is Leaking Water

HVAC units generate a lot of moisture, but the HVAC system is designed to keep that moisture contained within the unit. If you start to notice a pool of water surrounding your indoor or outdoor unit, this is a sign that maintenance is needed. Most of the time, this means that there is something wrong with the condenser unit, the drain tube, or the refrigerant.

5. It’s Been Over a Year Since Your Last HVAC Inspection

The best way to maintain your HVAC system is to request an annual inspection. To make life easier, learn more about hiring an HVAC contractor that is professional and reliable. That way, you can work with the same contractor year after year.

Stay on Top of HVAC Repair to Avoid Early Replacement

HVAC systems are a necessary part of any comfortable household and they’re also a big investment. Staying on top of HVAC repair is a great way to protect your investment and avoid having to replace your HVAC unit in less than 12 to 15 years. Are you looking for more tips and tricks to improve your home and make the most of your time as a homeowner? Take a look around to find the information and simple guides you need to keep your home in tip-top shape.


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