5 Common Signs You Have Termites in Your Home

5 Common Signs You Have Termites in Your Home

Termites can cause permanent and sometimes irreparable damage to the foundation and walls of your home. They can eat their way through windows and door frames, too.

When you move into a new house, or the longer you live in your current one, it would be wise to learn the major signs you have termites. If you can identify the damage sooner than later, you can take action.

You can find the signs of the pests themselves as well as indicators in the wood. To find out if your house could have a termite-infestation, keep reading.

Clicking in the Walls

When termites try to communicate with the rest of their colony, they sometimes bang their heads against the wall or shake their bodies to cause vibrations and sounds.

This communication is usually a warning of danger or some other threat. However, it won’t sound like banging to you, instead, it will sound more like clicking within your walls.

Flying Termites

Drywood termites that are on the hunt to find a new mate or start a new colony might be seen flying. Flying termites are also called swarmers or alates. At night, these bugs will swarm around light sources, but they will also travel during the day.

If your house has previously been free of termites, the sight of flying termites could be a sign that they will be starting a colony in or near your home.

Once termites find a mate, they will lose their wings. If you find discarded wings scattered in certain areas of your house, it might be a sign of a termite colony being built.

A new pair of mates will close themselves into their new home as they continue to reproduce, and they can stay there for up to a decade.

Hollow Wood

Termites that are eating through the wood in your walls or foundation will typically eat from the inside out. This causes the wood to thin and can leave it feeling less stable and more like paper. It may even sound hollow if you tap on it.

There may also be signs within the paint job on the walls. If there is bubbling or any kind of unevenness throughout the paint, it might be a sign of termite damages.

However, it’s not a sure sign of pest damage alone. It could also indicate moisture damage, but it’s best to double-check so you can learn how to get rid of termites before they become a bigger problem.

Hard-to-Open Windows

One of the other evident signs of termites is swollen doorframes and windows.

Termites will eat the wood surrounding doors and windows, and when they do they will leave excess moisture behind. This moisture causes the wood to warp and expand slightly.

Again, swollen frames aren’t only caused by termites. But you can learn about the other potential damages termites can cause through this post.

Signs You Have Termites

Termite damage is no joke. If it’s left to fester, it can cause expensive damage down the road. Even if you think your house is free of these pests, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

When you learn the possible signs you have termites, you can be prepared to protect your home and avoid these nasty bugs.For more advice on your home and wellness habits, check out our page to continue the learning.


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