5 Awesome Reasons to Move to Chicago This Year

5 Awesome Reasons to Move to Chicago This Year

Approximately 2.71 million people live in Chicago. Are you considering becoming one of them?

Chicago is home to creative cuisine, world-renowned sports teams, and a thriving real estate market. So, why wouldn’t you want to call Chicago your home?

If you’re considering making a move to The Windy City, keep reading. We have outlined five reasons to move to Chicago below.

1. Easy City Transportation

No car? No problem. Living in Chicago without wheels is easy, thanks to its advanced transportation systems.

The Chicago Transit Authority covers nearly every corner of the sprawling city. L trains and buses run all over, and they range from $2.25 to $2.50 a ride. Or there is the Pedway, a system of underground tunnels that makes it easy to walk through Chicago’s Central Business District.

There are also abundant bike-sharing rentals, taxis, and rideshare options like Uber and Lyft.

2. Vibrant Nightlife

The Chicago lifestyle means there is always something to do after work.

The “Magnificent Mile” is home to several luxury stores, fashion outlets, and some of the finest Chicago restaurants. The Art Institute of Chicago hosts world-class art exhibits and performances.

And from speakeasies to jazz clubs, there is no shortage of places to enjoy craft libations and mingle with fellow Chicago residents.

Not a fan of cocktails? Then check out one of Chicago’s 20 different breweries.

3. Great Sports Teams

When you live in Chicago, you get a front-row ticket to some of the best sporting events in the country.

Head over to Wrigley Field and watch the 2016 World Champion Cubs team in action. Once baseball season ends, it’s time to cheer on the Chicago Bears, one of the NFL’s top-performing football teams.

Need something to do during the cold winter months? The Chicago Bulls are a leading NBA team and host many home-court games in the city.

4. Stable Real Estate

Moving to Chicago is easy, thanks to its robust real estate market.

Not only are there a variety of townhouses and apartments available for rent or purchase, but Chicago also offers the second-largest supply of starter homes in the country. That means the majority of Chicago real estate is available, affordable, and matches the city’s median income level.

One of the reasons securing a living space in Chicago is so simple is because of programs like URB Online.

The website makes it easy for anyone to sell or buy a Chicago-based home quickly and safely. Find out more and start the search for your Chicago dream home. With about 77 unique Chicago neighborhoods to choose from, you’re bound to find your perfect match.

5. Fantastic Food

Before you get unpacked, find your nearest deep-dish pizza joint and treat yourself to a heavenly slice.

Chicago-style pizza is baked in an iron skillet, which is why it looks more like a cake than a traditional pizza. Then, it’s jam-packed with sauce, cheese, meats, and any other ingredients you want to add.

In addition to pizza, Chicago is home to gourmet hot dogs. Chefs top Vienna Beef with condiments, cheese, and vegetables to create mouth-watering delights.

If you’re looking for more upscale dining, Chicago has that, too. The Michelin Guide always highlights its Chicago eateries, many of which receive more than two Michelin stars.

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A move to Chicago is always a smart choice. From social gatherings to easy transportation, people love calling The Windy City their home.

Are you considering making a move, but you’re unsure of where? Keep exploring our site for the inside scoop on real estate across the world.


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