4 Red Flags To Watch For When Hiring Home Inspectors

4 Red Flags To Watch For When Hiring Home Inspectors

Hiring an inexperienced home inspector can be disastrous for a buyer. In the worst-case scenario, the seller may withdraw the home sale. Thankfully, there are simple steps to ensure you are hiring one of the best companies offering a premium home inspection service in Mississauga. These steps can vary from the most basic, such as verifying their license or qualifications, to the most elaborate, such as requesting to see previous reports they have generated for other buyers.

This article will help you learn how to ensure that the person you employ for your home inspection is properly representing himself, as well as what steps you can take to ensure that you get the best service possible during your home inspection.

Here are some red flags to look out for when hiring a home inspector:

1. No verifiable credentials and experience

Home inspectors are not licensed in every state, but that doesn’t imply that anybody can do the job. A detailed home inspection necessitates a certain level of expertise regarding home systems and the faults that can hinder their proper functioning.

If your inspector is licensed, it is likely that they received the necessary education through college, on-the-job training, or both. If certification or licensing isn’t required in your area, training from a respectable educational program or membership in one of the major housing inspection associations can demonstrate their expertise. It’s highly suggested to drop the idea of hiring someone with no proof of experience or credentials.

2. Doesn’t allow you to participate in the inspection

Do you want to show up for the home inspection? Does the home inspector make you feel welcome to accompany him? Previously, home inspectors used to work alone while customers waited days to receive the report. Many inspectors now invite customers to watch them work.

Joining the inspection helps to put the report into context and brings down the number of questions you may have.

If an inspector does not want you to accompany them on the day of the inspection, you should reconsider hiring them.

3. Limited knowledge of residential real estate

There are no two houses that are alike. If the inspector is familiar with the latest construction, but the place you are about to buy is 100 years old, you should look for a home inspector familiar with older properties.

Material flaws can be overlooked by new home inspectors. However, if the inspector has never seen zinc-coated water supply lines before, they may be unaware of the signs of rust inside the pipes. The same is true for asbestos floor tiles, old boiler systems, and anything else that might be found inside an old house. A qualified home inspector should have knowledge of all the inner workings of a house, whether new or old.

4. Turnaround time for inspection reports

With today’s technology, there’s little reason to wait more than 24 hours to receive a housing inspection report. A quick-thinking home inspector could complete a report and forward it to you on the very same day. If they’re overburdened, 24 hours is still a rational timeframe.

So, if an inspector is unable to provide the report for a handful of days, consider appointing someone else. Time is valuable, and too much waiting could jeopardize your closing date.


Poor communication skills and shady qualifications can make a bad inspector stick out like a sore thumb. They’re a terrible investment, and the flaws they overlook could leave you in the lurch for future home repairs. Finding a good inspector requires some effort, but the reward is peace of mind.

Many real estate investors hire inspectors as a last-minute decision or rely solely on the advice of their real estate agent. However, before you hire a house inspector, you should inspect them. Interview several inspectors before making a decision, just as you would with any other service professional. You may discover that they do not all have the same level of experience, qualifications, or ethical standards.

Are you ready to speak with a qualified professional? Home inspection service providers in Mississauga provide master home inspectors who bring unmatched precision, quality, integrity, and professionalism to the buyer or seller of the house.


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