4 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Facebook Job Search

4 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Facebook Job Search

Have you ever thought that your Facebook profile could be the golden ticket to your next job?

Social media networks are rapidly growing every year. Although LinkedIn is the most obvious and straightforward platform for professional advancements, you should not completely ignore Facebook when it comes to the employment scene.

With its Job Search feature, the social media platform enables you to find the best job opportunities without leaving the site.

Take a look at how Facebook can help to further your career.

1. Facebook Offers a Great Reach

Facebook is the largest prevailing social network with nearly 2.8 billion monthly active users. In comparison, even Linkedin’s 260 million users will seem small.

Moreover, you are not looking only at the professional clientele. Facebook is widely used by individuals, businesses, and companies. Even for creating brand awareness it is the most suitable platform. As it is quite difficult to get the target audience, sometimes users decide to buy Facebook followers & likes via sponsored ads to bring more traffic to their Facebook page. It is also considered to be a good source to look for jobs. Consequently, it is likely that most of these platforms registered on Facebook will advertise their open positions on this network as well. This could increase your chances of finding more opportunities compared to the other popular recruitment websites.

2. Facebook is a Powerful Recruiting Tool

It is common knowledge that a vast number of recruiters perform social media screening before hiring candidates. Facebook’s Job Search feature has made this process easier for recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers. They are effectively using Facebook to spot candidates who might not even be actively looking for jobs.

Moreover, Facebook also allows for extensive screening of applicants based on not only education and previous experiences but also their interests. Companies have also set up their career pages, posting about company work culture and promoting the brand as an ideal place to work in.

3. Career Resources

Job listings are only one part of the career market. Today, before filing the job application, candidates often look for a career advice expert for their advice. You can even find professional resume building services such as Skillhub.com that offer building you a bot-beating resume to pass through the applicant tracking systems. Facebook can bring together the different career resources easily accessible in one place.

4. Combine Your Professional and Personal Network

Networking is often deemed a professional term. However, your contacts in your professional and personal life can be of aid when you are actively looking for job opportunities.

You might have 200 professional contacts on websites such as LinkedIn, whereas, on Facebook, you might have over 1000 friends. This bunch could include people who are potentially able to connect you to your next job.

Now that we have given you sufficient reasons why you should check out Facebook Job Search, let us tell you how you can make the most of this feature.

How to Find the Job Search Feature and Apply?

Facebook allows you to access job openings right in your news feed. However, if you want to see the job offers exclusively, you can do so by clicking ‘Jobs’ on the left side of the news feed. You can search for specific companies, filter by industry or location. If you want to stay alert, you can also subscribe to be informed of any new vacancies.

Alternatively, you can also head directly to a company’s Facebook profile to see if they have any open positions available.

To apply for a job offer, you can do so directly through the job posting. However, there are a few aspects you will want to check before you click on submit.

Facebook User

Clean Your Facebook Profile

Facebook makes it possible for you to decide what information is publicly visible. However, to be on the safer side, you should double-check your profile’s content. When it comes to getting a new job, your online presence translates to your personal brand.

As more and more recruiters are using social media to find candidates, how you use your account plays a significant role. Check your older statuses and photos and remove anything you don’t want a recruiter to see. There is no need to remove all the personal info altogether. But consider this, are you comfortable sharing the specific content with your employer?

You might also want to reconsider any political and religious views you have published on your profile. Some employers will take such aspects into consideration while hiring candidates.

Alongside, use the privacy settings to adjust the visibility of the content.

Brush Up Your Professional Profile

You might not be used to updating your professional status on Facebook as you would with LinkedIn. So make sure that you list all your previous experiences and education the same way you would do on a resume. Remember to include the main keywords of the job position as well as maintain consistency.

Also, fill out the email address, phone number, qualifications, and your professional website. You can also add information about the languages you speak.

Your intro section is another area that you need to focus on. This is the first thing that anyone will see. If you are actively looking for jobs, make sure to convert your Intro Section into an elevator pitch. At the very least, include your value proposition in there, along with a few skills.

Job Search Recommendations

While Facebook can be an advantageous place to search for jobs, you should also beware of job scams. If the position sounds too good to be true, you have to tread further with caution.

Always make sure you research the company or the individual employer before applying for the position. Most importantly, never hand over any personal information unless you are sure that the position is legitimate.

At the first glance, it might appear as a big list of things to do while applying for jobs on a single platform. However, these days, regardless of how you submit your job application, your social media profiles will always come into play.

If you set aside an hour every week or two, you can keep your account ready for any recruiter. Furthermore, you will be actively connecting with new contacts and building a foundation of the network. Facebook is evolving to be a bustling marketplace, and you can no longer afford to use it only for posting pictures and sharing memes.


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