4 Glamorous Sunglass Styles for Your Luxury Cruise Trip This Summer

4 Glamorous Sunglass Styles for Your Luxury Cruise Trip This Summer

While the cruise industry struggled with disruptions and declines in passenger volume in 2020, it has showcased resilience in recent years and is now experiencing a significant comeback. Statistics show that in Canada, cruise travel is back and booming, with 1.5 million arrivals recorded in mid-September 2023 and 1.8 million by the end of the cruise season. With this turnaround comes more luxurious offerings from cruise lines, such as larger ships catering to a limited number of passengers and extravagant amenities paired with unique, off-the-beaten-path destinations. 

However, whether you book a luxury family cruise with your loved ones or prefer to enjoy the upscale travel experience by yourself, one thing you shouldn’t forget to add to your packing list is a pair of sunglasses. From matching your vacation outfits to shielding your eyes from the summer sun, this versatile accessory is a must-have, so below are glamorous sunglass styles worth considering.

Classic sunglasses: Ray-Ban RB2140

You can never go wrong with a minimalist pair of black sunglasses, ideally rectangular, to better frame your facial features. When it comes to classic styles, your go-to is the timeless American eyewear brand Ray-Ban, known for iconic frame styles like the RB2140 or Original Wayfarer. 

The browline silhouette was first popularized by cinematic legends like Audrey Hepburn, allowing you to pull off the same elegance as you sail along famous European destinations like the Amalfi Coast. If you use glasses for vision correction, consider getting the Wayfarer as one of the prescription sunglasses options from Clearly to save you from the hassle of switching between different pairs while on vacation. The optical retailer also offers the bio-based version of these frames so you can stay equally stylish and eco-friendly.

Cat-eye shape: Miu Miu 9WS

Another sophisticated pair to consider wearing aboard a luxury cruise is the Miu Miu 9WS model, which features a feminine cat-eye shape and temples enriched with the Miu Miu logo in gold. Although the frames come in other colors like pink, dark gray, and white, it’s best to get them in solid black with gray lenses for a more understated look, especially when dining at fancy restaurants onboard. 

Additionally, try emulating Gigi Hadid’s look for the Miu Miu Summer Bash at the Malibu Pier using the same cat-eye frames. The celebrity and model wore the pair with a black form-fitting slip dress, with her gold jewelry perfectly matching the details on the sunglasses’ temples.

Oversized frames: Maui Jim Mariposa

Most luxury cruises highly focus on wellness experiences like onboard spas, massage salons, and fitness facilities. However, there are also cruise lines like Adventure Canada, which couple their swanky, small-ship amenities with outdoor excursions, including a coastal hike and cultural immersion with the seaside community of Conche.

The Mariposa oversized frames from the outdoor-oriented brand Maui Jim can provide maximum coverage while you’re soaking up the sun, whether you’re hiking up a scenic trail or simply strolling along the beach at one of the ports of call. What’s more, these horn-rimmed, acetate frames come with polarized options for greater visual clarity — balancing style and practicality when paired with typical cruisewear like sailing shorts or a sundress.

Round sunglasses: Versace VE2264

Lastly, you can get the round Versace VE2264 frames for the perfect blend of charm and allure. Besides the frame shape and size being universally flattering, the steel finish around the lens and on the temples is also a timeless detail, which means you can wear and re-wear this pair for your cruise vacations over the years. You can choose from frame colors like matte gold, gunmetal, and black depending on your personal style and preferences.

Remember to pair your sunglasses with thorough sunscreen application for optimal sun protection. Happy travels!


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