Luxury Home Style – High-End Design Inspiration for Your Laundry Room

Luxury Home Style - High-End Design Inspiration for Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is likely one of the most neglected areas of your home. Sure, you step inside to do laundry, fold clothes and iron, but what else? Show your laundry room some love with these multifunctional design tips that are great for messy laundry spaces.

Get Organized

If you’re avoiding your laundry room simply because it’s a never-ending mess, it’s time to reorganize. If multiple laundry baskets filled with who knows what are piling up, old and unworn clothes are taking over and shoes are more of a mountain than a pile, take some time to sort through all the junk. If you have stuff that you’re willing to part with, donate it to charity or your local thrift shop. You’ll feel much better once you purge your old duds and open up some space.

Consider Some Color

Now that you can actually see the space that you’re working with, take a good hard look at it. Is the room welcoming? Is it dark? Does it feel small? If you see any of these common problems, it might be time for a fresh coat of paint. Your laundry room hasn’t been shrinking on you over the years, it’s just the paint color that’s playing tricks on your eyes. Dark colors absorb light, which make a room feel dark and unwelcoming. A fresh coat of paint in off-white or a shade of green or blue can make the room feel larger and more welcoming.

Add Some Luxury

Sure, the laundry room might seem like the last place where you would add a touch of luxury, but it can work. Add a hanging chandelier to brighten up the space and incorporate a touch of glam. Complement the chandelier with a collection of mismatched mirrors in different shapes and sizes, like the styles available from Z Gallerie. This way the natural light and light from the chandelier will play off of one another, illuminating the laundry room and making it bright. You might just want to spend more time in this space after this simple addition.

Make it Multifunctional

If you have some extra space to work with, consider combining your laundry room with a mudroom. Add a rich, dark wood bench for seating that will come in handy when slipping on shoes. Set up a coat rack to match the bench and elegant wire baskets to keep things sorted. A rug can easily warm up the space and add a touch of color. Just be sure to choose a multicolored or patterned rug since the room will be a highly-trafficked area that attracts dirt. West Elm has a collection of beautiful patterned rugs to choose from. For more on mudrooms and laundry rooms check out Angie’s List.

Never Underestimate New

The washers and dryers that are available today are stunning. Stackable washers are a great option to save on space in smaller laundry room spaces, and they look great. In most cases, newer machines are better for your clothes and the environment, as they are more energy-friendly and conserve water and power with each use. Plus, new GE washers and dryers are available in an array of different colors, so you can choose the pair that best suits your design aesthetic.


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