3 Upgrades Your Lakeview Property Needs Before Being Listed with a Real Estate Agent

3 Upgrades Your Lakeview Property Needs Before Being Listed with a Real Estate Agent

Lakeview property is a dream for millions of Americans. They want to spend a significant portion of their time boating, fishing, and simply enjoying the water. These men and women will often pay a premium for a house with a view of a lake. But they will not pay top dollar for just any house. Owners of lakeview property have to go through considerable time and effort to ensure that their property is the ideal lakeview property.

New paint

A property in a lake community often has a unique paint scheme compared to homes in most areas. Lake communities have a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere surrounding them. Many of the people living in these communities are retired or come to their homes for play. They are their happiest when they are on the lake. The color schemes of homes reflect this tendency. 

They are often bright with pastel colors. People want the homes in the neighborhood to reflect a particular theme. A lakeview property owner should make sure their house has a fresh coat of paint that will reflect this theme well. They should travel throughout their neighborhood and compare their home to other homes. The comparison should be especially clear when people are looking at homes that have recently sold for a premium.

Deck repairs

One of the most necessary requirements for any lakeview property is a large deck. The deck helps an individual view the large expanse of water that they bought the property for in the first place. This year-round view often increases the price of a lot or home exponentially. People who buy a lakeview house want to be able to go out on a deck and enjoy the best view possible. But decks are far from perfect entities. They are mostly outside and sometimes have support beams that extend 20 to 50 feet below the deck. These beams are particularly necessary when the deck is built on the side of a hill or high up to prevent flooding.

Part of deck construction should be the construction and maintenance of a dock. They are essential for lakeview properties because they help the property cater to the many people who own boats and other marine vehicles. A dock should be built and properly maintained on a yearly basis. Dock construction must meet local building codes and regulations. In some instances, a person should use a floating dock construction system if they are in an area where the water level changes on a regular basis. They may even want to bring in a contractor to inspect the structure on a regular basis if they are not particularly interested in boating.

Interior renovation

Lakeview homes also need renovation of their interiors. The rooms that people should focus on closely are those with a direct window towards the lake. Many lakeview properties have expansive bay windows in their living or dining rooms. The room around these windows should be optimized to ensure that the lake is the focal point. Carpet may need to be changed and walls may need painting. In some older homes, an agent may recommend tearing out or building a wall. They may also make renovations to the bedrooms in order to let in more or less light depending on the circumstances. Either way, the interior must focus on allowing residents to enjoy the lake as much as possible.

What to do

Anyone who is looking to improve their lakeview property needs to start working with an experienced real estate agent. He or she will help guide the owner through the changes they will need to make. They should start looking at their dock situation and the sturdiness of their deck. A property owner should also review the last time they had numerous renovations done. They should also start driving around their neighborhood and look at the different properties that have sold well lately. Individuals with lakeview property should look at what their neighbors have done successfully and should copy them as much as possible. Finally, the lakeview property owner needs to decide what is the best time and situation to list their property. The real estate agent can always be a helpful guide in making these decisions.

Anyone looking to put their lakeview property on the market needs to consider what people who live in lake communities are looking for. They are not looking for the same kind of home that is located in a suburb. Some lake communities have massive parties, gates, and even their own police forces. A person looking to sell in these communities has to focus on both the unique community and the lake itself in preparing a home for sale. Ignoring either could end up costing a person thousands of dollars on the sale of their property.


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