3 Reasons Your Home Insurance Should Include A Boiler Cover

3 Reasons Your Home Insurance Should Include A Boiler Cover

Big families call for big responsibilities and big safety issues. Adjusting to fulfill these responsibilities within a limited budget is a tough job to do. Most families scrimp throughout the year to spend less and save more. However, to cut your coat according to your clothes, one should never forget to avail all the services available around them. Staying up-to-date and taking advantage of services made for your facility can help you save money and time without much effort. Availing the facility of home insurance is one of such wise decisions. However, making sure that your home insurance policy includes the boiler cover is necessary, especially, if you want to make your family feel safe and happy.

What Is A Boiler Cover?

A boiler insurance policy is an agreement between the company and the client that ensures the in-time repairing service and expert engineers facility to the customers. A kind of facility that you can use if your boiler breaks down or something goes wrong with your central heating system. There are two types of boiler covers one is purely for the boiler including the thermostat and the programmer. While the central heating cover includes radiator and cylinder repair services. These covers also arrange for your annual check-up services from a registered Gas Safe engineer who checks the boiler and central heating are in good working order or not. Ancillary to these, for more info and online guidance, can be taken from the high-ranked websites.

Why Should Home Insurance Include Boiler Cover?

Home insurance covering all the issues like fire, natural hazard damage, leakage issues, and boiler cover can lessen your burden to a larger extent. Imagine if your boiler breaks down or it starts to leak while you are outdoors. How helpless your family will be in such hours of trial. Even if you are at home and your boiler stops functioning, making you out of hot water and heating, more drastic if this occurs in winters. Moreover, imagine how hard it would be to call an engineer and afford the repair bills, especially, during the last days of the month?

The following reasons will help you apprehend reasons your home insurance should include a boiler cover:

1. Ensured Home Safety

Ignored boilers with no annual checkup may cause the faulty boiler to leak gas out of it. Carbon monoxide the well-known “silent killer” may leak out of the boiler. This scentless gas is so dangerous that it can lead to unconsciousness and if left for a long time can even cause death. Thereby, making your family insecure. The annually checked boilers are devoid of such incidence. A qualified boiler engineer performs annual gas and pressure-flow tests; does inspection of water and gas pipework. Moreover, he also ensures that the seals on the boiler are intact and corrosion-free which prevents gas leakage. Sometimes, a carbon monoxide detector alarm is also installed near the boiler. Therefore, securing your family from any potential damage.

2. Optimized Energy Bills

If you are searching for ways to optimize your energy bills and you cannot afford large energy bills. Then adding a boiler cover to your home insurance can prove to be beneficial. An engineer hired by a reliable company will ensure that your boiler will run efficiently without wasting energy unnecessarily. Annually checked power connections and securely fixed circuits by expert engineers will make the boiler function perfectly with any energy being unnecessarily used. With these efficient and periodic services of the boiler, you can save at least ยฃ350 per year. Therefore, proving a boiler cover to be effective in saving energy wastage and large bills.

3. Low-Cost Maintenance

A boiler cover will help you maintain your heating system with a minimum amount spent on its repair. Getting your boiler serviced annually will make your boiler function correctly and will save the money needed for frequent replacements. A qualified boiler engineer performs annual flue and combustion tests and does boiler detail inspections. These routine inspections prevent small issues from growing up into big problems. However, in case of a boiler breakdown, the boiler cover will ensure that you are provided with an expert engineer and labourers equipped with all the parts and tools required. It will not only save your labour cost but will let you get the parts needed free of cost.  


Indeed, including a boiler cover in your home insurance is vital for your home safety and wellness. Winters can sometimes be horrendous in the United Kingdom. Temperature can even lead to sub-zero, increasing the need for an efficiently functioning boiler and central heating system. A boiler cover included in your home insurance helps you keep your boiler shipshape preventing frequent breakdowns or replacement costs.


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