14 Tips For Your Poolside Décor

14 Tips For Your Poolside Décor

Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy some fun in the sun by the pool. But have you thought about your poolside décor? While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, decorating your pool area can enhance your outdoor experience and make it even more enjoyable. Whether hosting a pool party or just lounging by the water, adding simple touches can elevate your poolside décor game. In this article, I will share tips and ideas for creating a stylish and comfortable poolside oasis.

14 Poolside Décor Tips

1. Keep the Environment Serene

Embrace a gentle, breezy color scheme to allow standout elements to dazzle truly. Picture a vibrant tile backsplash, contemporary organic accents like a swinging rattan chair, sleek black stone underfoot, and charmingly weathered rock sculptures. Keeping the environment serene showcases a tranquil elegance, perfect for pool owners looking to design their space with serenity.

2. DIY Pots and Planters with a Splash of Personality

Nurturing a lush collection of plants is a delight, but shelling out cash for those ultra-chic pots—often sans proper drainage—can be a drag.

Why not flex your creative muscles and craft your stylish planters? Grab some trusty terracotta pots, a handful of stencils (or go freehand if you’re feeling confident), and a splash of patio paint to transform your poolside into a vibrant, personalized space.

Not keen on stencils and unsure about your freehand skills? Frame

3. Warm It Up with Cozy Lighting

Indoor pools sometimes have a relaxed vibe, even on hot summer days. To infuse warmth into your pool area, focus on the lighting.

Choose soft, golden hues and play with different heights to create a spa-like atmosphere instead of a stark, gym-like feel. This soothing ambiance will make those late-night swims all the more enchanting.

4. Let Nature Steal the Show with Budget-Friendly Ideas

Embrace backyard pool ideas on a budget by allowing Mother Nature’s splendor to take center stage. If your poolside is nestled amongst towering evergreens and lush, verdant landscapes, opt for wooden slats and a coordinating dining set that exudes simplicity and tranquility without upstaging the breathtaking surroundings.

By focusing on budget-friendly, natural elements, you can create an inviting and picturesque outdoor space that’s both affordable and stunning.

5. Lay the Groundwork for a Fabulous Poolside

A Persian rug near the pool? Surprisingly, it’s more plausible than you might imagine. Going all out on a complete makeover can take a bite out of your BBQ funds, but fear not – you can still revamp your pool deck with clever rug layering.

Begin with natural fibers, like a woven jute rug, as the base layer beneath an outdoor rug. This combo adds a mix of textures, visual interest, and stability—after all, a wobbly table can spoil a cocktail hour.

6. Create Your Own Poolside or Patio Chill Zone

Relaxation is the game’s name when designing a resort-inspired haven. That’s why having a cozy spot for hanging out with loved ones is essential. If you’ve got the room, arrange a more elegant dining area on your patio, and then set up a gazebo or hardscape patio on your lawn, complete with a comfy conversation set. This space will be perfect for laid-back chats and unwinding.

Looking to amp up the wow factor? Throw in a wood-burning or propane-fueled fire pit!

7. Ensure Plenty of Shade for Cool Comfort

During hot summer, relentless sun exposure can seriously cut into your outdoor time. A shaded refuge is vital to enhancing comfort and enjoyment.

Add trees, umbrellas, gazebos, or pergolas into your poolside design. For an added touch of luxury, consider installing water misters to keep your outdoor space refreshingly cool.

8. Complement Your Scenery with Outdoor Décor

When your yard boasts a stunning backdrop like a lush green space, canyon, or wooded expanse, landscape thoughtfully to accentuate your view while providing privacy as needed without overshadowing the existing beauty, it’d be a pity to obscure the lovely scenery that’s already in place!

A few carefully chosen additions can transform any ordinary yard into a lavish retreat.

9. Embrace the Nautical Vibe

Channel the essence of Palm Springs, Old Miami, or Gatsby’s Hamptons to make your dream pool radiate vintage nautical charm and playfulness.

Deck out your poolside with red and white life preservers, sun-kissed oars, and blue accents like fishing nets. These easy-to-find elements add vibrant splashes of color and contribute to a timeless poolside aesthetic.

10. Incorporate Natural Stone Elements

Channel the enchanting grottos and cave pools featured in classic Italian films to add timeless elegance to your poolside retreat. Utilizing ledge stone in your design provides a rustic yet refined look and ensures durability and weather resistance.

Natural stone elements add intriguing texture to your pool area and effortlessly marries contemporary design with organic touches. This harmonious fusion is particularly striking if your poolside oasis is nestled within a serene, wooded setting.

Introducing natural stone will create a visually captivating and luxurious outdoor sanctuary for friends and family to enjoy.

11. Incorporate a Fire Pit for Year-Round Memories

Create a snug and stylish gathering spot by pairing low-profile chairs with a sleek fire pit, perfect for making memories throughout the year.

The metal fire pit serves as a striking sculptural element, while the crackling logs harmonize beautifully with the natural framework of the chairs. This inviting setup offers a seamless blend of form and function, making it an ideal addition to your poolside haven.

12. Integrate a Pergola for Style and Shade

Incorporating a pergola into your poolside design can provide much-needed shade for seating or dining areas, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Opt for a pergola with a roof and evaluate whether your location also requires side shading. This practical addition enhances your pool area’s usability and creates an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Moreover, a pergola introduces captivating vertical lines that draw the eye upwards, adding visual interest to the space and creating the illusion of a larger pool area. Embrace the elegance and functionality of a pergola for a genuinely remarkable outdoor escape.

13. Embrace Terracing Sloping

Gardens offer unique opportunities for pool area design.

Having an above-ground pool allows the coping to serve as seating with a view, or you can create terraced seating facing the pool at a lower level. Composite decking is a practical option for constructing terraced areas, requiring minimal maintenance and care.

14. Conceal Pool Equipment

Disguise unattractive pool machinery by housing it in a pool house or an aesthetically pleasing structure. If a pool house isn’t your preference, consider planting a hedge beyond the pool area’s hard landscaping to obscure filtration systems and machinery while ensuring easy access through a gap in the hedge. Ensure the boundary treatment around the pool complements the overall garden design for a seamless and visually appealing appearance.


These 14 tips for poolside décor will help you transform your outdoor space into a luxurious and inviting retreat. You can create an environment that exudes both style and comfort by incorporating elements such as natural stone, pergolas, terracing, and creative DIY accents.

Remember to consider the practical aspects, such as shade, machinery concealment, and a solid foundation. With some planning and inspiration, you can turn your poolside area into a stunning oasis that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy for years. Happy decorating!


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