12 Ways to Make Your Backyard Unique

12 Ways to Make Your Backyard Unique

Putting creative design features in your backyard can help you create a totally unique outdoor space you’ll be proud to call your own. Many people consider their backyard to be the most valuable component of your home. With modern outdoor décor, interesting art features, and special gathering spaces, you’ll find there are currently more outdoor design options available than ever before.

Designing a unique backyard involves many different components. To start, you’ll need to determine how you’ll want to use the outdoor space. For example, do you want to primarily use the space for gardening? Or do you want to create a space that is ideal for outdoor dining and other gatherings?

Regardless of what you end up deciding, taking some time to think about the outdoor space as a whole will help make it much easier for you to make all subsequent decisions. From there, choosing interesting pieces, creating a basic blueprint, and working with an experienced outdoor designer will help you craft the backyard of your dreams.

If you are just beginning the backyard design process, you might be looking for a bit of inspiration. Below, we will discuss 12 ways you can make your favorite outdoor space a bit more functional and visually interesting.

1. Carved Fountains

In Colorardo, carved stone fountains in Denver are aesthetically appealing features that combine both natural beauty with the pleasing flow of water. No matter where you live, most carved fountains are constructed using various types of stone, including onyx, granite, basalt, travertine, and petrified wood. These fountains can potentially last for decades and come in many different forms.

2. Outdoor Kitchens

Installing an outdoor kitchen is an absolute must for any homeowner that plans to cook and dine outside. There are many different appliances and features that can be added to an outdoor kitchen, including a grill, stove, oven, sink, refrigerator, and more. Choosing brightly colored patterns can also help give your outdoor space some additional flair.

3. Waterproof Hammock

The hammock has been a popular source of relaxation for at least 2,400 years. Hammocks make it easy to enjoy the beauty of your yard and perhaps enjoy your favorite new book on a sunny day. Additionally, most modern hammocks are very easy to install and take down, allowing you to enjoy the total space in your yard as desired.

4. Outdoor Art

Today, there is an incredible range of artwork that is specifically designed to be installed outdoors. Investing in custom art panels, for example, makes it easy to fill a large amount of space with something that is both visually appealing and resistant to the elements. A large bronze work of all art creates a rustic look that is perfect for the outdoors.

5. Metal Fire Pits

Cylinder fire pits are a perfect feature for anyone hoping to host evening gatherings in their backyard. A fire pit offers an excellent source of warmth that is also aesthetically appealing. Both open and gas-powered fire pits come in many different shapes, sizes, and design styles. Incorporating a remote propane tank can also help create a “complementary aesthetic.”

6. Sliding (or Folding) Glass Doors

During the summer, both homeowners and business owners look for ways to effectively connect their indoor and outdoor spaces. Installing folding doors, sliding glass doors, or other varieties of very “open” doorways will help create a seamless transition between these indoor and outdoor areas.

7. Planters

A planter is both a work of manmade art and the optimal place for growing something naturally—the perfect feature for a decorative outdoor area. Planters are also ideal for individuals that want to move their seasonal plants indoors during the winter and outdoors during warmer months. Cement, ceramic, and modern planter designs are all very popular.

8. Outdoor Coffee Tables

An outdoor coffee table (which can be made weather-resistant) is the perfect complement to outdoor couches or other seating areas. A coffee table makes it easy for guests to have a place for their food, drinks, phones, and other items they might not want to hold. Coffee tables can also be a great spot for a flowerpot or small plant.

9. Complex Groundwork

People often overlook the importance of the floor in an outdoor area, but this part of the yard can play a crucial aesthetic and structural role. Rather than simply covering your yard with concrete, consider choosing a more complex pattern. Multi-colored brickwork, for example, is both pleasing to look at and functional.

10. Adaptable Seating Areas

One of the best ways to increase the overall utility of your backyard is to create convertible seating areas. For example, purchasing chairs that can be quickly stacked, pushed beneath the table, or otherwise conceal will make it easier to enjoy your full yard when nobody is outside dining. Adaptable seating also makes it much easier to store your furniture when needed.

11. Swinging Chairs

Who says that only kids are allowed to enjoy a nice swing? A well-designed porch swing creates a timeless aesthetic and also offers your guests a fun place to sit and reminisce on older times. Outdoor swings can be easily installed onto any load-bearing overhang. They can also be found in a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures. If a load-bearing overhang isn’t available where you want it, you may be able to find a free-standing swing as an alternative.

12. Outdoor Bar Cart

Purchasing an outdoor bar cart is an excellent option for anyone hoping to entertain their friends and family outside. An outdoor bar cart will make it easy to transport food between your outdoor kitchen and wherever else your guests might be gathered. When comparing the best bar carts, be sure to choose one with wheels that can be pushed over grass and other surfaces.


By making just a few small changes, you can improve your backyard and create the perfect outdoor space. The twelve unique ideas featured in this article offer both form and function, helping you get a little bit closer to the oasis you’ve always dreamed of.


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