10 Residential Pool Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know

10 Residential Pool Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know

It is definitely fun to have your own pool but can be a hassle if you don’t maintain it regularly. If you don’t want your pool to look dirty and smell horrible, there are some basic maintenance procedures you should follow.

Given below are the maintenance tips every pool owner needs to know.

1. Regulate Your Pool Water’s pH Levels

The ideal pH value of pool water is between 7.4-7.6. If your pool’s pH levels get higher, it can build-up algae and serve as a breeding ground for bacteria which will turn your pool green in no time. Fixing green pools isn’t easy, however you should know how to clean a green swimming pool and take help of professionals if needed.

To avoid getting your pool green, it is essential that you maintain appropriate pH levels in your pool at all times using these two methods.

  • Pool Chemicals: These regulate the chemical levels of your pool and subsequently lower its pH.
  • Baking Soda: If pool chemicals are too expensive, you can always use baking soda. It helps in regulating the alkaline levels of your pool.

2. Don’t Neglect Skimming The Pool

Skimming should be done at least a few times every week. This helps get rid of any floating debris on the surface of the pool like dust, mud, sand, leaves or twigs before they get to the bottom. 

There are many ways you can skim a pool. You can do it manually by using a long pole and a net bag. However, manual skimming can be labor intensive and may not clean the pooleffectively. If you want to save your time and energy, invest in a good robotic pool skimmer.

3. Invest Time In Scrubbing

Scrubbing must be done at least 2-3 times a month. Scrub the walls and sides of the pools along with the tiles. You can use natural scrubs like baking soda to remove scum or algae.

If there is calcium buildup, use vinegar solution or other chemical cleaners. You should also look out for metallic stains which can be caused by addition of chlorine.

4. Clean The Pool Filter From Time To Time

The pool filter keeps the water clean by removing dust, leaves, algae and other dirt. It is only understandable that without a functioning filter, your pool water will turn into a mess in no time.

Make sure you clean the filter every few months. You can soak the dirty filter cartridge in soapy water or use other cleaning chemicals. In addition to this, make sure you clean the hair and lint pots which are inside the pool pump. 

5. Maintain Constant Water Levels

Both high and low water levels can create problems for your pool. High water levels affect efficient functioning of the skimmer. Low water levels can damage the pump which may break down due to overheating. 

If the water level is too low, you can add water using a garden hose. You can lower the water level by using the multiport valve on your filter or the drain spigot on the pump.

6. Remove Greases And Oils Using Enzymes

Greasy substances can get into your pool in a number of different ways. They can give your pool a foul odour and also damage the filter system.

You can use specific swimming pool enzymes meant for breaking down oil and grease in your pool water. You can also use dry tennis balls for less severe conditions.

7. Cover The Pool When Necessary

You should definitely invest in a pool cover if you plan to not use your pool for a long time. It will help protect the water from debris and is very useful for safeguarding your pool in winter.

8. Maintain The Surrounding Areas Of Your Pool

You shouldn’t neglect cleaning the surrounding areas of the pool like the swimming deck. A dirty deck is very unappealing and unhygienic.

9. Take Precautions During Winter

This maintenance procedure is also known as ‘winterizing’ your pool. Clean out the pool along with the filter. Drain all your pumps and lower the water level. Make sure you cover the pool properly in case of extreme winter conditions.

10. Invest In Professional Pool Cleaners

It is always good to invest in pool cleaning appliances like robotic skimmers and pool vacuums for thorough and effective cleaning. You can also make use of a professional pool cleaning service once in a while.


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