Why MaceratingFlo Toilets Are A Game-Changer

MaceratingFlo Toilets

When it comes to bathroom installations, traditional gravity-flush toilets have their limitations. However, the introduction of MaceratingFlo upflush toilets and pumps, also known as up-flush toilets, has revolutionized the possibilities for bathroom placement. 

Unlike standard toilets, these macerating toilets can be installed below or far from the main plumbing stack, offering more flexibility and convenience. 

Due to the innovative technology used in the components that make up an MF toilet, they make for an ideal solution to modern sanitary needs.ย 

They are designed to attain maximum levels of customer satisfaction so that your lavatory requirements are met with efficiency and panache. 

In this article, we will explore the pumping capacity, silence in action, odor control, seamless integrations, longevity, and reliability, as well as the value for money provided by MaceratingFlo.

How MaceratingFlo Revolutionize Bathroom Installations?

MaceratingFlo upflush toilets and pumps have brought a revolutionary change to bathroom installations. These toilets offer the flexibility to install bathrooms in unconventional locations, expanding options for homeowners and revolutionizing traditional plumbing practices.

Pumping Capacity of MaceratingFlo toilets

MaceratingFlo toilets employ a unique mechanism that sets them apart from traditional toilets. Instead of relying on gravity, MaceratingFlo toilets utilize an electric macerator and pump tank to flush waste. 

The macerator, typically located behind the toilet or hidden behind the wall, grinds up the waste and mixes it with water, creating a slurry. 

This slurry is then pumped through PVC piping to the existing main plumbing stack, allowing for installations up to 36 feet vertically and 326 feet horizontally, depending on the pump’s power. 

This pumping capacity opens up possibilities for bathroom installations in various locations within a home or even in remote cabins without standard plumbing.

Silence in Action

One concern that often arises when considering their pump is the potential noise they may generate. However, modern macerator pumps are designed to operate at low decibel levels with 45dB.

The sound produced during the flushing process is comparable to that of a regular toilet, and advancements in technology have led to the development of soft-close lids and seats, further reducing any noise caused by their movement. 

With proper installation and secure connections, MaceratingFlo macerator pump can provide a quiet and comfortable bathroom experience.

Odor Control

Ensuring odor control is a crucial aspect of any toilet system, and MaceratingFlo toilets are specifically designed to address this concern. 

The macerator pump effectively grinds waste and toilet paper into a fine slurry, which minimizes the chances of waste accumulation in the toilet and the subsequent development of odors. 

However, it is essential to install and maintain the macerating toilet correctly to prevent any potential issues that could lead to odors. 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and maintenance, regular cleaning of the macerator pump and bowl, and avoiding flushing non-organic materials are key steps to maintaining a fresh and odor-free bathroom environment.

Seamless Integrations

One of the significant advantages of MaceratingFlo toilets is their seamless integration with existing plumbing systems. These toilets can be connected to small-diameter PVC or copper pipes, making installation relatively straightforward. 

With a basic understanding of plumbing and careful attention to detail, it is possible for individuals with some experience to install a macerating toilet themselves in a matter of hours. 

Furthermore, the versatility of MaceratingFlo toilets allows for easy removal and reinstallation in different locations without causing damage to the toilet or the bathroom. This makes them an ideal choice for temporary bathrooms or during extensive home remodeling projects.

Longevity and Reliability

MaceratingFlo toilets are built to last, providing durability and reliability comparable to standard toilets. With proper maintenance, these toilets can typically function for 10 to 15 years before requiring any parts replacement. 

Additionally, MaceratingFlo toilets are designed to be water-efficient, with most models utilizing around 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF), contributing to water conservation efforts. 

Some models even go as low as 0.8 GPF. Their longevity, reliability, and water efficiency make MaceratingFlo toilets a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Value for Money

While MaceratingFlo toilets may have a higher initial cost compared to traditional toilets, they offer excellent value for money in terms of the flexibility and convenience they provide. 

The ability to install a bathroom below or far from the main plumbing stack expands the options for bathroom placement within a home. 

This flexibility can be particularly beneficial when constructing bathrooms in basements, outbuildings, or areas with low water pressure. Moreover, the durability and water efficiency of MaceratingFlo toilets contribute to long-term savings on water bills and maintenance costs.


MceratingFlo toilets have revolutionized bathroom installations by offering greater flexibility, convenience, and reliability. 

With their pumping capacity, silent operation, effective odor control, seamless integration, longevity, and water efficiency, MaceratingFlo toilets prove to be a valuable addition to any home. 

While they may not be suitable for all situations and come with higher upfront costs, their long-term benefits and convenience make them a worthwhile investment.


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