Top 6 Home Renovation Trends To Lookout For This Year

Top 6 Home Renovation Trends To Lookout For This Year

Home renovation has been huge over the past several years, and this year is no different. There are new colors and styles out, as well as certain kinds of home décor that we can’t wait to try. Thinking of giving your home a new look this year? You might already have a vision board of how it should look when you’re done. For more inspiration, keep reading to find out about the six home renovation trends to look out for this year.

1. Deep Colors Create A Statement

Deep Colors Create A Statement - Top 6 Home Renovation Trends To Lookout For This Year

The bold, bright colors on your walls and cabinets may have looked great a few years back. Now is the time to upgrade to the richness of deep blues, reds, maroons, and purples. If you want something a bit lighter yet still up-to-date, go for autumn richness in ochre, yellows, and browns. Some new coats of paint might be all you need for a completely new theme. It may seem a bit darker in parts but in a classic manner.

2. Going Natural Is Here To Stay

Going Natural Is Here To Stay - Top 6 Home Renovation Trends To Lookout For This Year

Getting back into nature is the very essence we want for home renovation this year. If you can swing it, natural wood is an amazing look anywhere in the house. A little varnishing and finishing could make it waterproof, and you’d have a touch of nature to enjoy and show off. Cork is another décor addition that requires serious consideration. It’s light, flexible, and can be used in a variety of projects. It also naturally deflects water, so that’s an added plus. You can call up a professional service and see what they have to say about installing wooden additions to your house this year.

3. Lighting Remains Influential

Lighting Remains Influential - Top 6 Home Renovation Trends To Lookout For This Year

Besides contacting HVAC contractors by visiting and getting your air conditioning systems checked, something as simple as changing up some light fixtures also makes sense. Consider something quirky yet beautiful, like a beaded chandelier. This can be made from dried beads or other lasting material to create a permanent effect. Of course, you may also consider placing lighting where there wasn’t any before. Why not have some extra lights near your deck for after-dark parties? Grab some amazing outdoor copper lighting offer from Lantern & Scroll and see the difference it makes to your home.

4. Going Handmade Is Classic and Beautiful

Going Handmade Is Classic and Beautiful - Top 6 Home Renovation Trends To Lookout For This Year

The beaded chandelier we mentioned earlier? That could be made by hand if you’re crafty enough. Even if you’re not too good at sewing and other DIY projects, there is no need to settle for stock items. You can get into the renovation trends of putting your own pieces of décor together. This will help you create a bond with your surroundings like nothing else. You can make a painting, or construct a mosaic with some tribal patterns or even put stickers up on a feature wall in a creative fashion. Look up some easy projects that will help you put your own unique touch on your lovely home.

5. Cozying It Up Is Making It Easier

Cozying It Up Is Making It Easier - Top 6 Home Renovation Trends To Lookout For This Year

There are two influential trends that drive the uniqueness of home renovation for this year. These are lagom and wabi-sabi. Lagom is a Swedish term which means that the quantity should be just right. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese term denoting the acceptance, even embarking, of imperfection. When taken together, these concepts give homeowners a sense of simplicity, authenticity, and realness in place of sterile fashion. We want to balance the old with the new, the soft with the hard, and the light with the dark. So if that classic design of wallpaper looks good with modern vinyl flooring, don’t fret about spoiling a Victorian theme. This is your home, and your unique theme. Plus, you have to live here, so you shouldn’t have to fret about seeming compulsively neat all the time.

6. Going Sustainable Makes Sense

Going Sustainable Makes Sense - Top 6 Home Renovation Trends To Lookout For This Year

If you’re in a somewhat older house, consider splurging on updates rather than transformation. Energy-efficient roof and windows should be your first investment. You may also think of installing solar panels, skylights; whatever it takes for a greener and more durable home.


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