Sea Breeze Luxury Apartment 3 – Tel Aviv, Israel 🇮🇱

Sea Breeze Luxury Apartment 3 - Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Name: Sea Breeze 3
  • Type: Super Prime Apartment
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Size: 2,691 sq. ft.
  • Date: 2014

If you have ever dreamed of living by the sea, this fabulous luxury urban apartment on the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel might just be your dream come true. This luxury seaside residence was envisioned to be so close to the water that it gives occupants a sense of hovering over the sea. Purposely designed with floor-to-ceiling glass panels that allow residents to visually explore an endless expanse of water before them, the huge aquarium like panoramic ocean views are transcendent and reverently awe-inspiring.

This luxurious Sea Breeze two-bedroom apartment includes 2,691 sq. ft. of spacious living area with a large open floor plan that enjoys direct sunlight from extensive floor-to-ceiling sea facing wide glass panels and natural sea breezes from all four directions. The residence was created as if the soothing ambiance of the sea was part of the overall design. Decorated in Armani and Fendi Casa furniture, a sophisticated coordinated palette of beige, gold and black colours augments the spaces to provide an inspiring aesthetic of rich luxury. 

Shaped with acumen of space and volume continuously oriented towards the sensational views of the ocean below, this incredible luxury residence offers a harmonious texture of spectacular vistas filled with translucent ocean waves, sea breezes and majestic views that are a true wonder of nature.

  • Architect: Daniel Hasson Interior Architect
  • Interior Design: Daniel Hasson Interior Architect
  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


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