Bayhouse New England Oceanfront Residence – Bellport, New York, USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

An American East Coast oceanfront residence set 150 ft. back from a private beach

  • Name: Bayhouse
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Size: 6,980 sq. ft.
  • Lot: 2.22 acres
  • Built: 2018

Bayhouse, designed by the American architecture firm Studio Rick Joy, serves as a paragon of sustainable elegance and thoughtful integration with its natural environment. Positioned on the northeast seaboard of the U.S., this three-bedroom waterfront residence is conceived as a weekend sanctuary, potentially transitioning into a permanent home. The architecture embraces a powerful connection with the environment, orienting itself toward the spectacular southern views of the bay and the Great South Bay’s wilderness area across the bay. The materials, robust Douglas Fir timbers, and Kitledge Granite, provide a harmonious contrast with the delicate ecological context of the flood-prone site, while the expansive, mathematically irregular slate shingle roof mirrors the vernacular of New England, creating a dynamic silhouette against the horizon.

The interior of Bayhouse mirrors the serene and enduring exterior with Douglas Fir-lined high ceilings that rise to meet copper-lined belvederes, allowing sunlight to cascade through and animate the cozy spaces within. The residenceโ€™s verticality is a response to the climatic challenges of the northeast, with large, shed roofs echoing local historical architecture and at the same time crafting a unique aesthetic. The strategic placement of living spaces, including a kitchen and a living room with sliding glass doors, maximizes the engagement with the outdoors, enhancing the home’s passive solar design. This careful orchestration of space is further exemplified by the central stone fireplace, a striking feature that not only bisects the living areas but also unifies them, acting as the home’s core.

The homeโ€™s functional design extends to its thoughtful placement on the property, just 150 feet from a private beach, with outdoor spaces such as a cedar-lined carport and a screened porch that cater to the owners’ lifestyle, allowing for relaxation and engagement with the natural elements. Long corridors lead to private bedroom suites, each with its own closet and en-suite bathroom, culminating in a gallery space designed to exhibit the client’s photographic collection. Embracing both heritage and innovation, Bayhouse is a physical narrative of Bellport’s architectural history, redefining the white-painted, ship-lapped siding of local seaside homes with its stacked white granite construction, ensuring a legacy that resonates with both the past and the future.Top of Form

  • Architect: Studio Rick Joy
  • Photography: Jeff Goldberg / ESTO
  • Location: 10 Raynors Ln, Bellport, NY 11713, USA

Floor Plans

Site Plan


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