Smart Home Tech – 6 Unique Luxury Items Available Today

Smart Home Tech - 6 Unique Luxury Items Available Today

No modern home is truly complete without the addition of some of those high-tech extras that make life more convenient and even the most mundane of tasks a little bit more satisfying. 

We are going to take a look at some of the most unique luxury high-tech items for the home available today. These range from big-ticket items for the kitchen to smaller gadgets to take care of those annoying tasks around the home. 

PancakeBot ($299 – Amazon)

What better way is there to start the morning than with some freshly prepared pancakes? You can make mornings even better with the PancakeBot, which ‘prints’ 3D pancakes onto the griddle in any design that you choose. Download a picture of the Eifel Tower onto an SD card, stick it into the PancakeBot, and you’ve got a recreation of the world’s most famous structure in pancake form on your plate. This awesome crowd-funded device will wow the kids and make breakfast-time a lot more fun. 

Amazon Echo Show ($230 – Amazon)

The next generation of the hugely popular Amazon Echo is now available. This version shows you images and videos on its screen as well as giving you audio information. This truly is the definition of a multi-functional device, allowing you to perform any number of tasks hands-free. Make a video call to a friend, book a taxi, listen to music or stream videos. All this without needing to lift a finger. 

Kohler Underscore Chromotherapy Shower/Bath ($4,115 – Kohler)

For a luxury bathing experience, Kohler provide a wide range of showers and baths to soothe and relax. The Underscore model allows you lift your spirits in a luxurious bath of water and sound, synching with Bluetooth enabled devices to play any music you wish. You can also activate the chromotherapy lighting and choose the color scheme that best fits your mood. 

Dyson 360 Eye ($999 – Dyson)

This robot vacuum cleaner promises to deliver twice the suction power of any of its competitors, albeit with a price tag to match. If the price doesn’t put you off, then this may be the answer to all of your house-keeping needs. This robotic wonder promises to use its 360-vision to scan your house to determine the areas which need to be cleaned and navigates expertly around any obstacles.

Samsung FamilyHub Smart Fridge ($5,800-$6,000 – Samsung)

This is Samsung’s aim to re-purpose the mediocre fridge as a smart hub for your family home, although it may require a medium-sized Powerball win to make this high-tech futuristic fridge part of your kitchen. This is much more than a refrigerator, as it includes a 21.5-inch touch-screen where you can post messages, share photos and watch videos. You can even check out the internal cameras from an app on your phone, so you know exactly which groceries you need to pick up when you’re at the store. 

Cubii Under Desk Elliptical ($349 – Amazon)

If you work from home, then this under-desk exercise machine is the perfect way to stay in shape while you’re at your desk. The machine is connected via Bluetooth to an accompanying mobile app, allowing you to track your progress and compete against others. What’s more, there are 8 different levels of resistance which will allow you to continually test yourself and adjust the intensity level as required. If you are so inclined, even a modest home can get a modern upgrade with these high-tech devices. The only limits maybe your budget.


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