10 Best Places To Live In Melbourne, Australia

10 Best Places To Live in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is not only Australia’s most liveable city, but also the world’s second most liveable place, behind Vienna in Austria. It is no surprise that experts rank Melbourne so highly when you consider the combination of what it offers residents.

Yes, the winter weather can get cold – just as the summer temperatures can send the mercury rocketing. But it is the cosmopolitan vibe of the city, endless attractions, and stunning scenery that act like a magnet to draw people to Melbourne.

Where is it best to live in the city that was the world’s most liveable for seven years in a row? What are the up-and-coming or trendy areas or suburbs of Melbourne? And what can you expect from the place that is home to the Melbourne Cup, AFL Grand Final, Australian Open tennis, Australian Grand Prix, and some of the best coastlines anywhere in Australia?

1. Albert Park

With an average house price of in excess of $2 million AUD, Albert Park is a high-class suburb – and significantly is just three kilometres from the CBD. Boasting some of the best real estate in Melbourne, the area is home to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, Albert Park is the perfect place to raise a family with excellent schools. There is a mix of Victorian houses with an air of London about them, and new complexes.  

2. St Kilda

One of the most popular beachside suburbs of Melbourne, St Kilda offers the perfect blend of beach, parks, restaurants and bars, and schooling. Located five kilometres from the CBD, it provides an ideal location for family life or for trendy singles who enjoy a good nightlife vibe. St Kilda isn’t cheap though, with the average house price topping $2 million AUD in St Kilda West.

3. Seaholme

Seaholme is one of the most affordable suburbs, with the bayside location having an average house price of $1.1 million AUD. Expect to choose from a combination of 1950s architecture and newer constructions. Bordering another suburb in Altona, Seaholme is 13 kilometres outside of the CBD in southwest Melbourne and feels a world away from the city without actually being too far to commute. 

4. Port Melbourne

Once home to the working classes, Port Melbourne has been rejuvenated with warehouses converted and new apartment blocks erected. It has a certain charm with a combination of the old and the new. House prices average $1.5 million AUD, with apartments around half that price. Just five kilometres from the CBD, it is a perfect commuter suburb.

5. South Melbourne

Located a short tram ride across the Yarra from the CBD, South Melbourne has emerged as one of the best inner-city suburbs. It offers easy access to the beach, the Yarra River, or the city, and blends old-school Victorian buildings with modern-day apartments. At $1.6 million AUD on average for a house, you can see just how highly South Melbourne ranks.

6. Spotswood

Spotswood is another impressive inner-city suburb, located seven kilometres to the west of the CBD. One of the big attractions is the proximity to the beach at Port Phillip Bay. With a median house of around $1 million AUD, it ticks the box of being one of the most affordable suburbs.

7. Elwood

Elwood offers every you could want from a Melbourne suburb, but with a village-like feel. It will set you back an average price of $1.7 million AUD to live in Elwood, eight kilometres to the south of Melbourne. What you get is a relatively easy commute coupled with a beach vibe.

8. Williamstown

Williamstown has developed into an incredibly popular suburb on the beach, with the old seaport offering a choice between history and modern-day living. Situated southwest of Melbourne, nine kilometres from the CBD, you will feel a million miles away from the city without actually being so. Average house prices are close to $1.5 million AUD.

9. Richmond

One of a number of inner-city suburbs that could have made a list, Richmond edges out Carlton and Fitzroy, among others. Ideally located a short hop from the CBD, Richmond combines terraced streets with converted warehouses and new apartments. It is home to Melbourne’s entertainment precinct, including the MCG, Melbourne Park, AAMI Park, and Holden Park. The average house price stands at $1.3 million AUD.

10. Yarraville

Yarraville offers a real cosmopolitan vibe – as well as an attractive average house price of $1 million AUD. Home to a large Greek community, the suburb is an ideal commute location being eight kilometres to the west of the CBD. Yarraville is known for coffee shops, an eclectic array of restaurants, and being home to Melbourne’s professional and arty types.

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